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Face fuzz and what to do with it..

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Fanjango Sun 14-Apr-13 00:33:02

Hi all. I'm a first-timer in teens as elsdest turned 13 last month. He has had a small moustache growing for the last year and a bit. He now has fuzz growing under his chin. He's loving it but I am wondering at what stage it is appropriate to think about shaving. I realise he's not quite there yet, but when do you actually have to start? DP seems to have no idea when he had to and the school says no to beards, so at whay stage of growth do we deal with it? TIA smile

webwiz Sun 14-Apr-13 12:36:22

DS(16) did start shaving once the face fuzz started to look a bit scruffy. He is still nowhere near shaving everyday just whenever he looks like he needs it.

BastardDog Sun 14-Apr-13 13:01:53

I wax my 13 yos face fur as well as his mono brow. He's a long way off needing to shave I think, but it needed doing something with. He looked like he'd got a permenantly dirty face - which often he has.

I am a beautician and he's used to seeing blokes in my salon having treatments.

secretscwirrels Sun 14-Apr-13 15:49:57

Well remember that for him it's a big milestone.
When DS1 acquired a fluffy lip I bought him a cheap electric shaver which he used for a while, even though he didn't really need to shave. Then I bought him a proper wet shaving kit at Christmas which he was thrilled with.
When I noticed Ds2 growing fluff I didn't bother and ignored it. One day he shyly told me he had used his dad's razor. I felt mean that I hadn't made anything of it. It's kind of like the boy's equivalent of a first bra thing.

Fanjango Mon 15-Apr-13 22:23:57

Thanks for the reply's! I had never thought of waxing , can't see him going for that, it's hard enough to get him to scrape the tide mark on his neck grin. May try getting him an electric razor, must be a bit less brutal than wet shaving on such young skin. Hmmm now how to convince him...

secretscwirrels Tue 16-Apr-13 12:34:21

Electric is gentler when they don't really need to shave. Just remember that when he does get a wet razor you supervise first time. I didn't expect DS1 to rush upstairs and attack himself brutally with the razor I had just bought. Blood everywhere.

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