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help with studying?

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ssd Tue 09-Apr-13 16:02:21

ds sits exams soon, he is 14

he goes upstairs to study most nights but should I be supervising or helping him? he seems quite organised, but I haven't a clue what or how much he's doing. He isn't on the xbox or has the telly on and seems to only want the laptop for past papers.

should I be more involved? TBH I cant be arsed, I have a bad cold and feel crap, I'm just pleased he's studying, just hope he's doing it right...

should I just leave him to it?

syl1985 Wed 10-Apr-13 00:21:15

If it looks like he's studying then I'd leave him. Maybe ask how things are going and tell him that if he needs any help he can always ask for it.

If you're a bit worried then you might want to encourage him by letting him know that you'll give him money when he passed his exams.


schoolchauffeur Thu 11-Apr-13 08:30:30

Sounds like he is doing pretty well by himself. Can you try offering to test him? I have done this with both my two ( now 17 and 15). So they have some notes on a subject, they go away and study/learn for 20-30 mins, come back and give you the notes and you fire away questions. You don't have to know or even really understand the material yourself. My son struggles to learn lots of facts which he needs for Geography case studies so he makes up series of questions about all the stuff eg death numbers from earthquake, $$$ of aid sent etc and then I test him on these. He says it really helps him get the information in as we have a laugh about the ones he gets wrong and it keeps me in touch with what he is doing- and he says it is less boring than working by himself. And I can see whether he does actually have a good grasp of the material!

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