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You've got to eat something to do well in exams

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Dooohhh Fri 05-Apr-13 12:13:46

Hi there. New to this so don't really know what dd, ds ect means, but anyway...
My 12yr old daughter is in an extremely competitive London girls school. She has always put masses of pressure on herself during exams and it has been getting worse. It is her first year at the school and even though she was at an even more competitive boarding school with end of year exams, she has started to get really worked up about them.
Before she broke up for Easter she got the results back from random history and English tests in which she got 70 and 75percent. She completely broke down that evening and told me that she felt like she had failed and there was no point anymore.
I have also noticed that she has stopped eating properly, I'm only getting her to eat the toast size kind of plate of food for supper, I'm never up when she leaves for school as I get back from work up-north at 12:30 but her bro says she never eats or drinks anything, and I doubt she eats much at school. All this even though she is in the middle of a massive growing spurt.
Tried explaining that if she wants higher grades she has to eat, even though I did not feel they were bad at all.
Sorry for the length, any advice appreciated
Dooohhh (Homer Simpson)

mindfulmum Tue 09-Apr-13 08:05:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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