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Ds14 depressed?

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Jayn3 Mon 01-Apr-13 22:11:47

Hi - complete newbie here. My 14yo ( one of twin boys, always feels as if the world is against him) had a meltdown this evening, his newish laptop is 'just not good enough' which led to the 'everyone hates me, no-one understands me' bit. I talked him down, tried to turn a few negatives into positives and have had to come away and come up for air. How on earth do I help him. Am divorced mum of three, dad v distant, just trying my best. sad Any advice much appreciated!

Sparklingbrook Tue 02-Apr-13 14:57:17

Hi Jayn. DS1 (13) can be very like this. A minor argument escalates to the point where he is so cross, and shouty and moaning his bedroom is too small or something irrelevant.

Usually there is no talking to him until he calms down, sometimes the next day.

I think some teenage boys just are like that. How is his twin?

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