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booksteensandmagazines Thu 21-Mar-13 21:04:08

This is twitter policy for report harassment - it may help you decide what to do:

Rather than report him to school which would escalate things, however tempting that may be, I would contact him and ask him: I presume if you are happy for the tweet to remain in the public eye then you are happy for me to make your school aware of it? I think he may well remove it then. If not then you have warned him.

hildaspragg Thu 21-Mar-13 14:13:38

My 17 yr old daughter has split from her boyfriend, he has posted something vile and offensive about her on twitter which has been 'retweeted' or 'favourited' by 24 others. My daughter is upset obviously but feels humiliated more than anything else that the tweet remains despite her asking him to remove it. Not sure what to do, some saying leave alone because any retaliation will make it worse but I'm so enraged on her behalf. Being a complete luddite I don't know what constitutes an illegal tweet - presumably racist tweets which this isn't - or can people tweet whatever they like?Should I contact his school? I do realise that part of doing that would be me wanting revenge ( he's an all A grade A level student and a sports star - their ideal pupil ) and I am just not that sort of person but he is really trying my patience. Advice please, thank you

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