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13 ds kicked me on Mothers day,im so upset teenage tantrums or PSP junkie?.

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champas Sat 16-Mar-13 21:36:31

Is this teen tantrums? I m so upset. Long story;But mothers day got off to bad start, with a family member being taken into hospital,so I wondered if ds could help me and I asked him for a contact no.frm his mob,bad move! I interrupted his Laptop time! I went into his room I admit I was shouting got stressed out-he went into a rage and pushed me, I was astounded, (I'e always been so proud of my eldest son) He kicked in the back! (Size 9 feet). He nearly pushed me down the stairs.
Any advise out there from experienced mums?

His dad was out when it happened, so I tried to calm down, there was no talking to ds. His dad saw I was upset when he got hme, so I told him we had a row, but not what happened.(the day got worse)

Ds has had gadgets psp,laptop confiscated.I'm worried he like an addict with the games! It wasn't until Wed he spoke to me, attitude stinks I had to ask for an apology. I cart believe his arrogance. He must b spoilt what have I done wrong! Please tips on what I should do?

I must admit since the gaming has been taken away, things are bit better last few days, and I'm laying down the law, trying a 'Chores list ' up on the fridge.

champas Fri 29-Mar-13 21:24:24

I've told dh about our row, he did go into SHOCK, but kept calm talking with ds. Things in our house have changed. Dh explained to ds that behaviour not acceptable, so :-

For discipline, PLAYSTATION REMOVED from home, internet is disconnected,and iPod TAKEN under our control.

It has not been easy, hardly any response from ds at first. In fact I think he was like some sort of junkie,repeatingly asking for PLAYSTATION back!

I spoke to ds explained he needs to get out more, he said bored at home.
I suggested he 're join scouting,which he gave up last year, then he asked me about cadets

DS HAS had a trial evening with aircadets.met boy's from his school there.
it's been a few weeks now,and ds seems to have chilled a lot. He seems like a better boy,I feel happy for him.

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