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University visits - helicopter parents?

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higgle Sat 16-Mar-13 12:37:58

DS 2 is off to uni this year, hopefully. We discussed as a family which universities he might like to apply to, weighed up the pros and cons of various accommodation with him but the choices have been entirely his. He went to Leeds last week, which is his first choice and where he has an offer we think he will be able to meet, for an open day. I simply bought him some rail tickets and left him to it. He returned home quite shocked that all the other applicants had had at least one parent with them. As a result of this there was not much opportunity to talk to the others who would be on the course, though the tutors spent more time discussing various things.

When I was off on this sort of visit nearly 40 years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of inviting my parents along ( although they wre footing 100% of my expenses). We will take him if and when he starts, and of course visit fairly regularly. Am I very odd to be the only parent who didn't go or send spouse?
Does the fact that all the others wanting to do this course seem to be girls explain this?

ggirl Sun 17-Mar-13 22:32:17

I feel very sorry for youngsters these days..we had it easy compared to them.

ggirl Sun 17-Mar-13 22:33:16

That's a comment about graduates btw

exoticfruits Sun 17-Mar-13 22:36:44

We downsized while DS was at university- he is back with us. He can't afford to do anything else. He has a good degree and the interviews he has had have been good firms- unfortunately lots of others are chasing the same jobs. Each time they have gone to someone with experience and you can't get experience if you can't get the job. He is building up his CV with unpaid work.
If you are not in that position I don't think that you can have any idea about the graduate job market if you don't know any recent graduates. Copthallresident has the accurate picture.

Dadowado Sun 17-Mar-13 22:41:16

DD went to one tour with some friends. I gave her a lift to the others because it was cheaper for me than paying her train fare. Once there I was invited in and was surprised to find lots of other parents. I was interested to see round but left her to ask questions and she made her choices.

whois Mon 18-Mar-13 22:29:11

My mum went with me to all of the open days I attended, we had nice days out together and it was helpful to have someone to chat through the pros and cons of each course/uni with.

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