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Rant about selfish DD.

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SGambino21 Sat 16-Mar-13 09:42:40

All the time our DCs were growing up we tried to have a relatively simple family life. So you can imagine my disgust when DD came home yesterday holding a pair of trainers which she said cost £150. I understand that she works hard so she deserves a treat, but she's surely already got enough shoes.

I sat her down and I tried explaining that £150 is more money than a lot of people her age have to survive on for a month, but she just literally laughed in my face and said "Well they should come work with me and they'll have nice trainers too, bunch of f*cking d*ckheads."

I don't know what's made her become so disrespectful. It could be her new partner, or a new crowd of friends who are bringing her into the 'gay club scene' in our city. She used to be so kind and caring and would stop to talk to the homeless in the town centre. My compassionate little girl has become an egotistical, vain b*tch almost overnight. We were watching Comic Relief last night while she was getting ready to go out clubbing and when I asked her if she was going to donate she told me to p*ss off.

What can I do? She's an adult, I can't manage her life or her money. I just wish she'd be more generous. I'm so frustrated, this isn't how I raised her to be.

Rant over, any advice would be much appreciated.

Ipp3 Sun 17-Mar-13 11:21:00

Op, having read your latest post I suspect you may be winding us all up.

Drugs, sex and misbehaviour? Sounds like a young life well led to me! She is her own person, not a badge of respectability for you. Stop being so unpleasantly spirited towards her or you will ruin you relationship.

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