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Disastrous first lot of A level results what to do?

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skyblue11 Thu 07-Mar-13 15:55:19

DD taking 4 A Levels at the moment, her recent results were EEC she got an E in Biology which she really wanted to carry on with as she like us believes it's a good exam to have however after her struggling and working really hard all through Christmas and having a tutor she is now totally despondent at todays results, is it worth carrying on at school to end up with maybe 2 A levels 3 at nest with these kind of results? I feel really upset after all the work she put into it as we had a shitty Christmas with all thee revision....She can't speak to someone until Monday...

Linclass Sun 10-Mar-13 22:12:16

The one DD attended cost £60 a day [recommended 2 days per unit] classes no larger than 10 and taught exam and unit[s] specific to needs. They ran for 6 days over Easter. They teach exam technique as well as revision help/aids.

Example of one here

Linclass Sun 10-Mar-13 22:22:02

Example of our local Crammer course here

It cost us £60 a day [then], 2 days per subject recommended. They taught exam technique [which was lacking in some of her 6th form classes] as well as revision in small groups no larger than 10 and were exam board and unit specific.

Linclass Sun 10-Mar-13 22:23:17

Sorry the double post, the first message didn't show so re wrote the post

Bettyblue444 Tue 12-Mar-13 11:15:05

My DS just got 2 Es at AS level and was devastated. His tutor has said to look at it as a practise and go all out for the resits! We are getting him a tutor (I know not everyone can afford this option) to help him revise and learn exam technique as that seems to be his downfall. Your DD should not give up, her predicted grades are achievable. I believe this will just be a blip and our job is to dust them off, boost them up and send them back out there. Good luck.

Pac12 Sat 23-Mar-13 14:16:14

My son, along with many of his friends, did badly in the modules. I do think they have made them much harder. And, truth be told he's not appreciated how much harder he has to work - he's a boy! Even the teachers seemed bewildered. He's had a very rude awakening. He loves his school and his friends, however, I've told him there is no point carrying on and getting mediocre results. Not a nice thing to do but it concentrates the mind. Remember, last year's uni intake was a very, very competitive year. My gut instinct is that it won't be as bad this year and certainly not next year. But we shall see.

ImperialBlether Sat 23-Mar-13 14:58:22

AS January results are often poor, because it's such a huge jump from GCSE to AS level and bright students who didn't work hard for GCSE think they can do the same.

OP, I think your daughter should finish the year and see how it goes. If she's using her phone in school, then she will find concentration hard and tbh will be driving her teacher mad. If she works hard and waits for the result, she can carry on with A2s or make her decision then.

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