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Ds girlfriend dilemna

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njaw Sun 17-Feb-13 19:23:11

Call and check she's ok. You aren't betraying her confidence because you took responsibility for where she is in the email I take it?

Cared for kids, even at 17, are generally there due to vulnerability. I wouldn't personally risk it.

MuchBrighterNow Sun 17-Feb-13 18:01:27

ds 17 has a girlfriend who is in a care home. She has come to stay at ours for the weekend a few times and each time I have to write an email to say where she will be. The first time I had to send confirmation of my car insurance.

This weekend I picked up Ds on friday night . He was with his girlfriend and asked if she could come for the weekend and I agreed. I asked if I needed to contact the home and she said it was fine not to as they already knew me. As she is 17 I trusted it was ok.

Yesterday afternoon a "friend" of her family came here to visit. I asked after if everything was ok as they spent ages in the car talking and she assured me it was. He came again this afternoon as I was preparing to drive her back to her home .... said she'd rung him for a lift. I said I was ok taking her but he insisted and she seemd happy to go with him. He was friendly though a bit odd.
I am now feeling uncomfortable that she has gone off with this guy ... according to my Ds she often stays with him...

Should I ring the care home and find out if she arrived ok or will I betraying her confidence. Should I just trust that she is 17 and old enough to know what she's doing ?

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