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I probably don't want to know..

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njaw Thu 14-Feb-13 18:37:04

But I'm feeling sadistic and want to punish myself.

How much do your DC (particularly interested DC12-15) do around your home in the way of chores?

sydlexic Thu 14-Feb-13 22:42:38

DS is 12 and does nothing. He goes to schol 14 miles away and gets up at 6.15 has a long day and homework so I think that is enough. I am a SAHM so don't worry about it.

I clean his room but never tidy it as he never makes a mess.

Struffle Thu 14-Feb-13 22:52:00

Mine (aged 16, 15, 12 and 10)
make their own packed lunch
take turns to dry up daily (and wash up occasionally when I am ill, tired, busy)
put own dishes in dishwasher
make own breakfasts
put clothes in washing basket (well, the eldest manages hmm)
tidy room when nagged
oldest mows lawn weekly in summer
oldest 2 pick up leaves in autumn
empty dishwasher or lay table when asked
they are all capable of hoovering, dusting, cleaning windows (indoors) and ironing simple things but don't often get asked to do this as I am a SAHM and usually do this sort of thing myself.

DD can bake cakes on her own, and the oldest 2 occasionally get told to make a simple dinner - trying to train them up.

manicmother80 Fri 15-Feb-13 00:03:54

We live in India, and we have household help, who are very affordable in this country. So my 14 year old daughter doesn't do any chores, but she does make some pretty wonderful gestures once in a while: for my birthday this year, she cooked me a very elaborate meal and set the table very creatively, for instance. But whilst she is happy to cook fancy meals for other people, she hates doing her own chores and have never even attempted cleaning her room/ doing her laundry or the dishes.

missnevermind Fri 15-Feb-13 00:32:28

Mine nearly 15 and 12
Make own breakfast.
Make own lunch - packed on a school day - scavenged out of the fridge holidays and weekends.
Take own and little ones (1 and 4) clean washing upstairs and put away.
DS1 - Empty dishwasher nightly, has to be reminded every night, never fills it.
DS2 - all fetching and carrying on the stairs as asked - I have a bad back - he never refuses or moans.
Change own beds - bunks - when asked.
Put rubbish out if requested.
DS2 Generally does anything requested of him - including a spot of babysitting while I am in the kitchen or upstairs.
DS1 It really isnt worth the earache to ask him to do anything not on this list.

DS2 got a £20 in an envelope as a Christmas bonus this year for looking after me and the little ones while I was ill.

exexpat Fri 15-Feb-13 01:00:38

DS (14) will babysit for his younger sister and occasionally pick her up from school - as a single parent that's probably much more helpful to me than housework, which he doesn't really do much of. I should probably start getting him to do more, for the benefit of his future independence as much as to help me, but he's always been rather clumsy/impractical so it has always seemed more hassle than it's worth. He will (generally) do stuff I ask without complaining, except for actually tidying his bedroom (I think it's a territorial thing).

Ligs Fri 15-Feb-13 01:26:41

12 yr old DD has 2 main chores and that is to empty the dishwasher and keep her room clean/tidy. In reality she does nothing (without an argument anyway). Now I've added feeding the dog to the list and if she doesn't do it, her pocket money is being stopped and I'll keep on adding to the list. End of! She'll learn by hook or by crook I am she who is to be obeyed ;)

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