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What would your 'ideal' teenager be like?

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Text her.. just now and again saying 'love you'! That's all it needs to get us through the difficult times you knowsmile

My children are aged 15 to 21, two are away at University but every day they send a quick text to say 'how is your you' and it makes my day!

But don't over worry.. your Mum was 15 once.. she will love you no matter how stressed or stroppy you get..honest!!

EscapingThisReality Sun 10-Feb-13 18:43:51

These are great ideas, thanks everyone! thanks

Passmethecrisps Sun 10-Feb-13 18:06:18

Try not to worry too much. I was a pretty cold fish with my mum for years but we recovered.

I agree with the small things. Is there a job she hates? Ironing? Cleaning the toilet? Do it without asking and keep doing it. Remember your job is school so don't aim to take on the whole world but just pick something which takes a load off your mum.

I worked with my mum for a wee while and it really helped me 'get' her. I took to making her packed lunch (nice, varied fillings) and occassionally left her a wee note just to say hello)

Startail Sun 10-Feb-13 17:59:51

As schoolchauffeur says, a hug, a helping hand.
After 15 years of picking up your shoes and cooking your meals your mum will really appreciate small jobs being done without asking.

The other thing which would be wonderful would be if my 11 and 15 yo could read a clock.

They're not bad for school in the morning, but going anywhere else I have to nag.

If your due to leave for a piano lesson, hockey, friends house at 6pm, please be changed with your, music, PE bag, money, phone etc at 5.55pm without having to be reminded 3 times.

The taxi service I'm happy to provide, it's having to stop what I'm doing to sort out the passengers that tribes me mad.

By almost 12 DD2 can manage, phone, money, coat, clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and whatever kit is needed.

I say can manage that doesn't mean she or her 15 yo sister do!

I think more than anything as well as loving words and hugs, we like to see our teenagers doing some of their own thinking.

secretscwirrels Sun 10-Feb-13 17:57:31

Yes to the hugs.
Share your chocolate.
Ask her how her day was. Talk to her about something that doesn't centre on you, take an interest in what she likes or does.
I have one who does all the above and another who does the hugs but apart from that I appear to annoy him by existing.

schoolchauffeur Sun 10-Feb-13 17:42:58

As the parent of two teens myself I agree with Foggles that a big hug, tell her you love her works wonders.

You sound busy with exams etc but sometime simple easy acts of kindness mean a lot- noticing that the bin needs emptying, making a cup of tea and taking it to her without asking, being in kitchen and noticing dishwasher needs emptying. Laying the table and lighting a candle for a meal. Simple stuff but it all means a lot- it says I am thinking about someone else!

But you sound a lovely teen anyway to come on here and ask us!

Good luck with the exams!

EscapingThisReality Sun 10-Feb-13 17:14:59

Thanks Foggles. I have done, and she's grateful, but just in general I think I need to be a bit warmer!

Foggles Sun 10-Feb-13 17:11:58

You don't need to do anything more than give your mum a hug and say you love her.


EscapingThisReality Sun 10-Feb-13 17:10:11

If you're a parent of a teen, you will love them dearly. However it's probably also true that your teen has little niggles that really annoy you.

I've recently had an argument with my mum (I'm 15) and I want to make it up to her by being a bit more lovely. I'm stressed at the moment with exams and such, so I'm not the loveliest person to be around!

So I was wondering, what little things would you like it if your teens did that would bring a smile to your face? smile

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