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when do i talk to my son about condoms ?

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wonderingwendy Thu 31-Jan-13 13:37:05

me and my sister are having a debate and i would appreciate some advice
my son is nearly 15 and has had a girlfriend (same age) for 14 months now, my sister who is mum to a 17 yr old boy thinks i need to give him condoms but i &dh dont agree.
i think he is too young and i dont want him to think i am encouraging him into sex.
she however thinks im naive to think that.
who is right ?

wonderingwendy Tue 12-Feb-13 19:06:07

Well it took me a good few weeks to muster up enough courage but finally spoke to him and he giggled and it was fine i was more embarrassed than he was.
I just said "im not sure if you and m..... Are at that stage yet but i just want to talk a little about being safe if in the moment you get carried away ",i gave him two condoms which he asked me to put them in his underwear drawer .he told me that no they hadnt got to that stage yet and he would be safe.i told him that this talk didnt mean i condoned having sex just yet but if it does happen to be safe.
I also let him know that i was young once and he can ask me anything should he feel the need.

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