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Change of School Skirt Style In Belfast

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TARDEN Mon 28-Jan-13 15:23:13

I just thought I'd share with you something that has gladdened my heart. I'm a parent here in Belfast of 3 daughters. One has just left school, the next two are still at the same school. It's also a mixed school. This year the school introduced a longer style skirt, not before time either. The eldest girl is delighted that she has missed it as the two younger girls hate it. I know from talking to the two girls that a lot of the girls were annoyed about the change, but the school was quite adamant over it. The old skirt was a plain type of skirt which was worn at a ridiculous length, a scrap of material just under the blazer bottom. Combined with the knee socks, a bit much for school I think. Not so bad when tights were worn, but still not ideal. The new skirt has pleats and sits just below the knee. A far better look in my opinion, the image of the school has improved vastly as a result. I would drop off and collect the girls and it was incredible the lengths on nearly all the girls coming out of the school gates. The uniform was never cheap to buy and looked very respectable otherwise, however the extremely short skirt cheapened it. I was always amazed that they were allowed into class like that, but they were and nothing was done to correct it. Though I do know the school were aware of it and that is why the change was introduced. I know from talking to other parents at work here that some other schools in the Belfast area have changed to longer style skirts as the problem here was becoming rife in those schools also. So I'm sure I'm not the only parent here from Belfast who had this problem. But it seems common sense has prevailed at the school. And in other schools in the city. So if any parents out there have the same problem, then fear not. It seems that change can take place.

beachyhead Tue 05-Feb-13 08:00:29

My daughter rolls hers up so much that she ends up with a huge cloth muffin top around her waist, so nice legs, roly poly waist...

Very strange.

I've ceased worrying. She's leaving in June.

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