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How do I cheer 16yo DD up

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tapdancingmum Thu 24-Jan-13 20:41:33

My DD is 16 and is feeling very down at the moment. Not sure if it's the weather but she seems to cry at the drop of a hat. She doesn't seem to like herself at the moment and however much we tell her we love her it doesn't help sad

She is top stream at school but has done the majority of her exams with the rest and some retakes in June. We have had a bereavement recently with an elderly gentleman my husband has known all his life passing away so not sure it that is bothering her. She isn't going to the funeral tomorrow as she needs to go to school (her words not mine).

I would like to take her out as I feel we have had no family time for a while, myself and my DH work, I am at Uni and have had a lot of coursework to do, both DD's dance 3 times a week so I feel we have had no us time.

Unfortunately my car broke down just before Christmas and has cost a fortune to fix so haven't really got any spare cash so what can we do as a family that doesn't cost a lot and would interest a 16 and 11 year old.

Eastpoint Thu 24-Jan-13 22:25:22

What about getting a DVD - something you watched as a teen so they can laugh at what we thought was good & then another film once they've denounced your film as being rubbish. Would they enjoy making pizza for you all, either making the dough or buying bases & then choosing the toppings etc. trying to think of something cheap & slightly silly so you can all relax & she doesn't feel under pressure to be grown up etc. I don't know how old you are but do you think she'd like An Officer & A Gentleman? Could be too rude for your younger daughter.

tapdancingmum Thu 24-Jan-13 22:51:45

That's a nice idea - I did tape Dirty Dancing so maybe we can watch that together. My DN is hopefully coming up Sat pm with her new baby so hopefully that will cheer her up a bit.

Cooking pizza sounds good - maybe we will just have a silly Saturday where there is no pressure to be 16 going on.

DH can take DD2 out whilst we watch film even though she did watch most of it when it was on....

KatyMac Thu 24-Jan-13 23:00:12

DD (who is poorly) & I are watching lots of musicals

& I am planning a walk on the beach at the weekend

sashh Fri 25-Jan-13 05:29:21

pool your cosmetics and do a spa day at home. Facials, nails, make over.

Build a snowman, if you have enough snow.

Do a 'come dine with me' but you all take on a character and film it to. So one can be the bloke who thinks he knows everything about wine, another the middle aged woman in a mini skirt etc etc.

seeker Fri 25-Jan-13 06:18:10

School of Rock and home made pizza.

Difficult to stay uncheeered!

VoldemortsNipple Fri 25-Jan-13 06:48:15

My DD actually loves 80s films. Especially The Breakfast Club, Ferris Beuler's Day Off, Pretty in Pink.

Or maybe The Lost Boys for some cheesy horror. It's likely to have her laughing at the special effects, loving the soundtrack, and piss taking when you tell her which Corey you had a crush on grin

Oh and get a tub of Ben and Kerry's and two spoons smile

Virtuallyarts Fri 25-Jan-13 06:56:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tapdancingmum Fri 25-Jan-13 14:27:39

Thank you for all the lovely ideas. Don't need an outdoor ice rink as we can use our road but the challenge will be to get her out of the house. That is probably one of the main problems as she hasn't been out for a while and has just holed up in her room revising. We need to coax her downstairs and maybe get some board games out and, as I said before, have a silly Saturday.

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