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DS obsessed with girlfriend-Any advice please!!

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boderek1 Thu 24-Jan-13 15:41:42

Hi,this is my first post, been lurking for a while. I have a problem with my DS who is nearly 16. He has been with his girlfriend for about 9 months on/off. Whilst she is a nice girl(she is 16), I have serious concerns about their relationship. He is controlling, she makes him jealous and then dumps him so he can prove he loves her. He is completely obsessed with her to the point off walking off in the middle of the xmas grocery shop(without telling us) to go and spend the night at her house, even though we said we would drop him off and if her parents were there, it would be ok. Turns out they werent, and he didnt know how to tell her. This resulted in a frantic search for him, when we found him and took him home and explained again he wasnt staying without parents he ran off in the worst weather/dark and had to be searched for again. Xmas was awful with him in major mood, threatening to kill himself/rum away if he couldnt get his way. We didnt give in grounded him for 2 weeks and my husband spoke to the girls dad who said he would monitor from there side and she has had obsessive problem in the past. My son has been well behaved in the past few weeks(as well as teenagers are!) But this week again they are breaking up, him crying, pleading with her, and her taking pleasure in this. Then it is all back on again. I am really worried about him, he has zero self confidence anyway. We have tried pleading, praising him, and losing it and shouting!! Nothing is helping, any advice I know teenage boys are ruled by Willys, and I remember teenage love. But this is obsessive and bad.

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