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poor dd 10. periods are really not settled. this one, bled for 3 days, and has now had bad pain for 5 more. history of ovary bleedingcyst.

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piratecat Tue 22-Jan-13 13:32:55

thankyou flow. i really hoped we had passed the so bad nothing touches it pain, when she has the three normal ones.

My doctor was useless, and at the end of two weeks of pain told me to go to the health food shop. I then took it upon myself to take her to a+e, where they gave her an ultrasound.

I did enquire about her going on the pill, but too young. It's disrupting her and my lives so much, school on her back etc.

think i will go and see another gp and ask to be reffered to the gynae team, they might have the power to get her on the pill to regulate. I hate the thought, but she can't go on like this. nor can i. thankyou for answering, it is grim xx

flow4 Tue 22-Jan-13 12:48:53

That sounds horrible and frightening, piratecat. Your poor DD. sad I think you should call the doctor again, if you haven't already. I think if this was happening to me I would be concerned, and it seems more worrying since it's a child. I hope you can get help.

piratecat Tue 22-Jan-13 10:11:52

I posted on dd's periods, last year. She began them at 9.5, and the first two were like this, heavy to begin with, then lite bleed, but terrible pain, that no pain killer has touched. Like this one. We are talking prescribed stuff too, Mefanemic acid, and Audmonal.

She had a different pain last june. She was hospitalised for tests and it turned out to be a haemorrage in her ovary.
She has had three normal periods since, and proper bleed, but this period was 4 weeks late.
This pain is different not the ovary pain she says, so am basically just wanting support. Is off school, and just in pain.

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