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Self Harming Blog

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tempnane Mon 21-Jan-13 12:38:18

Have nc'd.

OK obviously I need to talk to dd (14) but could do with some thoughts first.

Have discovered a blog dd has posted online. It talks about self harm, suicide, bulimia. It mentions a couple of situations that have happened - but they're not true - grossly exaggerated. Althogh I can't be sure she doesn't have an eating disorder, she isn't over or underweight. She's not super skinny, but nicely slim. There are also some photos of cuts, but I haven;t noticed any on her (bathroom door always open). She does photoshop lots so they could be fake. A couple of photoes of her belly were kinda fake - stomach sucked in so you coudl see her ribs type thing. So genuine or enjoyiong the drama of the blog? A couple of friends know about it, but not her best friends.

She has no problems I am aware of, nice steady group of friends, out of school interests, doing well at school etc etc.


MuchBrighterNow Mon 21-Jan-13 13:21:26

Don't know if it helps tempname but I read a message recently, posted to a friend by my DS2 14 , which said he'd taken an overdose and spent a week in hospital and was now seeing a psychiatrist!

None of it was true. It was written by way of an excuse for him finishing with a girlfiend and taking up with another.

I think kids' fantasize but there's definitely a message there to be heard. That they are suffering emotionally and are acting out their fantasies online rather than in reality. It's way of experimenting emotionally I guess.

Maybe she's told friends at school that she's doing these things and made the blog by way of supporting evidence. Kids create all sorts of dramas to make themselves more interesting or to seek attention.

I didn't want to tell my Ds that I had read his private message ( he left it open on my computer and I didn't resist looking confused blush ). It's a breach of trust I didn't feel good about.

I since have made more effort to engage with him, tell him I love him, check out what's going on and listen to him. He has opened up about things that were getting him down and he has been a bit brighter since smile

Good luck talking to your DD.

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