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advice on party for 15 yo dd

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WTFwasthat Tue 01-Jan-13 22:43:47

there will be 30 guests, boys and girls. What do u do about alcohol? Smoking? Snogging etc? Help!

TheFallenNinja Tue 01-Jan-13 23:17:48

No alcohol and no smoking for sure. No closed doors either.

Mrsrudolphduvall Wed 02-Jan-13 18:40:16

Are you mad?
Hope you're oing to be there.

Agree, no alcohol or smoking.

StressedoutMotherofTeens Wed 02-Jan-13 21:22:08

I too think you must be mad!

I wouldn't allow alcohol or smoking. I also would hope that you were going to be there!

notnowImreading Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:47

Get at least four or five burly relatives to sit with you in the kitchen and act as jolly but scary bouncers/enforcers. If they are police officers, so much the better.

MuchBrighterNow Thu 03-Jan-13 09:49:18

I lock all the doors or tape them up with no entry signs. The kitchen and lounge I leave open and I take the door off DS's bedroom , and if you can, take the lock off the bathroom door so no one can make out in there ....

Remove all breakables, nice rugs, cushions, put covers over sofa etc. Make sure there's a bin in every room.

It sounds quite over the top but experience has taught me shock

I then bunker down in my bedroom but come out occasionally to make my presence known.

They will almost definately try to sneak alcochol in, probably disguised as coke or orange with vodka.

It's also good if a few friends stay the night so that they can help with the morning clear up. I find the dc are far more cooperative with this if they have a friend or two around to help.

I have survived quite a few parties now including cake fights ( make sure no food provided is at all sticky or messy) I also had one guest who managed to vomit on every soft furnishing in the house angry good luck !

StressedoutMotherofTeens Thu 03-Jan-13 10:00:37

Reading the above posts reminds me of my 16th bday party = my parents had some friends over (bouncers) and yes people still managed to sneak in drink and someone was sick albeit outside on the front door step!

If you are having one then yes clear away breakables etc and good idea re: the food! Good luck grin

WTFwasthat Fri 04-Jan-13 14:15:49

it wasnt too bad! there was booze but no vomitting, only one xmas ornament broken. My carpets a bit worse for wear (mud) but wasn't half as bad as ihad thought. I had my niece with me to add adult prescence

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