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Feel so sad that dd's best/only friend is moving to Australia...

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chocolatespiders Thu 22-Nov-12 07:19:48

I am a wreak, tears keep streaming down my face in Sainsburys when I am doing my make- up!!!! Really need to pull myself together.

Skype is a good idea- thankyou..

They are planning lots to do before she leaves smile Its dd's birthday next week and she said she would just like money so she can do all of these things.

DD had a friend that moved to Japan when she was younger and they still write to each other at Christmas.

DD feels much more attached to this friend moving to Australia they do everything together, I have always tried to encourage dd to broaden her friendship group and she does go to various clubs, she talks to other girls and boys but wouldn't go to the cinema or to get something to eat with them IYSWIM.

DD has just set up a basketball club at her school which her friend isn't in so this will be really good for DD.

Saving for a visit is also another great idea. Will investigate the cost of a flight so I can put a realistic amount aside each month.

SecretSquirrels Wed 21-Nov-12 15:48:03

I really feel for her.
When I was 6 my best friend moved to Australia. This was the 1960s so no skype then but we became pen pals and do still write once a year.
When I was 9 my new best friend went to live in Austria, we wrote for a while but she "lost" her English.
I was devastated both times even though I was much younger than your DD so don't underestimate the impact.

streakybacon Wed 21-Nov-12 11:21:04

Ds's friend emigrated to Singapore in the summer. He hasn't heard from him since sad. BUT it has made him value friendships more and he's more inclined to widen his circle - he knows now that friends don't always last forever and he has to be flexible.

I hope this doesn't happen to your dd and I appreciate how upset she will be. Sashh's suggestion of setting up skype etc is really good and I'd go for that if you can. Maintaining contact is really important if they want the friendship to continue.

sashh Wed 21-Nov-12 05:16:11

Skype. Get it set up and using it now.

Start her saving for a ticket to visit in a year or two.

It is not the end of the world. It really isn't. My aunt went before I was born. She is still in contact with us and I've visited a couple of times.

chocolatespiders Tue 20-Nov-12 20:58:51

dd is 15 and her best and only friend is moving to Australia sad

Feel so gutted for dd and want to support her the best I can

I dont have a partner to talk to so talking on here.

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