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Any ideas on how to curb teenage gossip and bitchiness?!

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febel Mon 05-Nov-12 18:00:03

My yd seems to be a bit of a bitchy gossip at times...a bit of a stirrer. She doesn't have much empathy with her age group at the point of us being worried in the past and is a little quick to leap in/take offence etc It is starting to cause problems for me too...with my brother whose wife has phoned cos daughter upset cos of something my daughter has said..altho I dont think she meant it to cause bad feeling..but texts/e mails are easily read the wong way. Not quite sure how to tackle it cos my neice doesn't want my daughter to know that I know, and indeed doesn't know my sister in law, who I am quite close,has contacted me. I don't want yd to be a bitch or a gossip, or unkind, I certainly am not and am known for not being either.

febel Mon 05-Nov-12 18:00:32

ps:forgot to add..she is always on her phone lately, and f bk ofcourse

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