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menstruation stopped

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lifesamystery Mon 05-Nov-12 12:31:46

My dd is 14 and had her first period in June this year, followed by a second almost exactly four weeks later. However, there has been nothing since then. Is this normal? Nothing else has really changed during this time!

Goofus Mon 05-Nov-12 13:17:12

That can be totally normal for a lot of girls.
Personally, I had my first period and then I didn't have another one for 6 months.

AnyFucker Mon 05-Nov-12 13:20:26

that is quite normal

Mrsjay Mon 05-Nov-12 14:16:35

yes this is normal dd1 had her first at 12 and and then a few sporadic ones it settled down by the time she was 14/15

dd2 has always been regular from since she started.

GockandJuice Mon 05-Nov-12 14:19:07

Teens periods can take a while to settle down. Mine didn't settle till i was about 17 and i had my first at 12!

lifesamystery Mon 05-Nov-12 18:26:51

Ok, thanks, thats good to know. I really can't remember what it was like for me as a comparison!

Mrsjay Mon 05-Nov-12 19:18:26

I cant remember what I was like either i started at 12 but cant really remember if I was regular or not.

Theas18 Tue 06-Nov-12 07:28:56

Can be normal. I'm assuming you have no suspicions she's pregnant? Worth asking in a joky way Whist looking her in the eye ..

lifesamystery Wed 07-Nov-12 15:19:20

Absolutely none and I am quite offended that you even asked.

AnyFucker Wed 07-Nov-12 15:21:32

don't be so bloody precious hmm

EdithWeston Wed 07-Nov-12 15:21:56

Please don't be offended. It's an obvious reason for cessation of menses, and a possibility that does need to be excluded.

shrimponastick Wed 07-Nov-12 15:26:31

It is such a long time ago that i can't remember.

Iwould imagine that it won't always be as regular as clockwork from the first though.

lifesamystery Wed 07-Nov-12 16:31:38

Of course it is an obvious reason - for some! It is excluded.

AnyFucker Wed 07-Nov-12 16:57:52

for some ?

what the fuck does that mean ?

you think it's impossible for your teenage daughter to get pregnant ?

I truly hope you never have to eat those sanctimonious words

PropositionJoe Wed 07-Nov-12 16:59:49

I think "for some" means " for those sexually active". Which this girl isn't.

Floggingmolly Wed 07-Nov-12 17:01:13

It is excluded. hmm. Hope you're right.

Floggingmolly Wed 07-Nov-12 17:02:28

Not all sexually active teenagers share the fact with their parents, PropositionJoe

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Wed 07-Nov-12 17:03:53

Have you actually checked she isn't pregnant or do you just assume it couldn't happen to her?

lifesamystery Wed 07-Nov-12 18:29:43

For a child that attends an all girls boarding school and who hardly leaves her parents side when she is at home then I would say that it was pretty unlikely. Im not quite as naive as some of you might think.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Wed 07-Nov-12 18:33:18

Unlikely but not impossible then, does she have a boyfriend?

bigTillyMint Wed 07-Nov-12 18:36:41

I guess the OP's DD told her she hadn't had any periods for a while and was worrying about it. I doubt she would have approached it quite like that otherwise, unless she is going for the part of Mary in the boarding school nativity!

Having said that, a mother that I know through my job has just found that her DD of 15 is 6mths pregnant. She was covering it up well.

sassythebloodFIRSTy Wed 07-Nov-12 18:38:58

Another thought ESP if at all girls boarding school - anorexia can cause cessation of periods.

If you are satisfied she is otherwise well, be assured that irregular periods are v common in young girls. In fact, mine didn't settle into a regular pattern until I was 30 and had had my first child.

AnyFucker Wed 07-Nov-12 18:55:37

OP, people are not casting aspersions on your daughter, but teenage girls get pg every day. Even ones at good boarding schools.

I was also going to bring up the spectre of an eating disorder but decided against it since you are so snappy to people who are attempting to assist you

lifesamystery Wed 07-Nov-12 19:11:44

I do not see people that swear at and insult me as being particularly helpful.

The thought of an eating disorder did spring to mind and is about a zillion times more likely that her being pregnant. However, she has not lost any weight and seemed to eat perfectly normally while at home for two weeks over half term so I have pretty much discounted that as well.

AnyFucker Wed 07-Nov-12 19:12:49

You're a proper peach, aintcha ?

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