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lookoveryourshouldernow Thu 01-Nov-12 00:38:50

...My "baby" unfortunately failed his test a couple of weeks back - but is back in the saddle ready to take his test again...

I own the car which he drives - does anyone know the most cost effective solution to getting him insurance on this..

He has mentioned "Insure the Box" what is this... if it means that I need to "sign over" the car that is not a problem as there is another vehicle that I can drive in the household..

Anyone know the best course of action to take ???

A little bit of me says "pass your test in the spring" (without the ice/fog/snow) but I was we same when he started to climb trees.. nervous over-protective Mum of a first and only child!!!! I don't have a replacement...

I guess I will has sleepless nights for a long time...

Anybody any sugestions ??

LoonyLyndsay Tue 20-Nov-12 09:17:43

My daughter (19) is due to renew her policy in December, she had a prang last year where someone rear-ended her, now they want to make her pay out more for it, she can't afford it what with being at Uni and all.
My husband and I can't afford to help her out either so we're a bit stuck.

I saw this thread and did a search for Black box Insurance, has anyone used Covergirl?

I've found a page on their site that talks about the EU Gender Directive:

Looks like it's run by Insure the Box.

LoonyLyndsay Tue 20-Nov-12 09:19:15

Sorry, I'm a bit new to this internet stuff, I've only just read on how to make that go blue and click-able.

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