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teenage daugher - eating disorder

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whowouldknow Tue 23-Oct-12 13:35:40

just am just looking for some advice - my teenage daughter has over the last 18months to 2years lost a significant amount of weight. She has slowly but steadily went from size 14, 12, 10 and now although she claims she is at 10 i am pretty sure she is smaller than that. I had just through she was losing her 'puppy fat' but MIL is suggesting it is something worse. MIL feels that she is too skinny - ironic as she used to give off that she was fat angry. My DD is now tall and very slim, she looks fab, has lovely skin and hair - and she appears to enjoy her food. She is careful about eating too much sweet stuff, fizzy drinks etc (it used to be quite hard to stop her from over loading on these) but sits down and enjoys her meals with us, always asks what is for dinner etc etc.

A major concern i have is that her periods have stopped.

Any advice? I dont want to make a big issue out of it - i have talked to her and she makes a joke of it all.

scentednappyhag Tue 23-Oct-12 13:38:14

How old is she? How long ago did her period stop? Could they just be irregular at the moment? And what kind of clothes is she wearing? You say she looks fab, is she showing her figure or trying to hide it with baggy clothes?
Sorry for masses of questions smile

whowouldknow Tue 23-Oct-12 13:50:00

she is 15, she wears skinny jeans a lot, vest top with another top over-layered - not big and baggy but covered up (IYKWIM).

She used to really suffer from her periods so i think she just sees the periods stopping as another benefit. She hasnt had one for about 6months.

no worries re questions - apprecaite any help!

MamaBear17 Tue 23-Oct-12 20:38:13

I have no real advice as to what to do, but as a former bulimic I can tell you my tricks so that you can look out for them.

1. Going to the toilet either during, directly after or within 30 minutes of eating - I can throw up silently, however, I can not hide the red marks on my knuckles of my preferred puking hand so have a sneaky look if she does seem to disappear to the loo. Also, the unless a 'double flush' is used, the toilet water has an oily sheen over it when someone has thrown up. When you 'have' to eat, this is a classic way of 'limiting the damage'.

2. Only eating when you can see me. I love my food, look how much I eat. However, when you are not watching, I eat nothing at all. Does she miss breakfast and take something with her instead? What does she eat at school?

3. Over exercising, walking everywhere and going to my room at night to do extra sit ups.

4. Mood swings are a big give away, low blood sugar = grumpy. You will know if it is a 'food mood' rather than teenage strop if she perks up after eating something/

If I were you I would ask her to go to a doctors appointment regarding the periods issue. Talk to her from a 'It is a worry because it isn't 'normal' and I want you to be able to have a baby when you are older should you wish to do so' etc. The doctor will weigh her and see if she is underweight. Hearing the health issues from being underweight from a doctor rather than your mum can be helpful.

She may just have got a handle on her unhealthy eating and turned things around, but if there is a small chance she is making herself sick or starving herself, acting now might mean she doesnt end up on a slippery slope. I had CBT for my ED, but getting pregnant truly 'cured' me (obviously not an option for a 15 year old!!). 10 years of struggling cost me a tooth though sad

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