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Sweet baby jesus!

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pixwix Tue 16-Oct-12 23:31:43

I'm going to smack him round the head!

My 15 yr old ds is very computer savvy, with a strange sense of humour. One day last month, I came downstairs in the morning ready to go to work, logged into pooter, went into emails, and a complete stream of gibberish came out when I typed - more so than usual - just complete letter strings.

I carefully looked at my keyboard, tapped the relevant letters, and still gibberish. I honestly thought for a second I'd had a kind of weird cerebral event overnight- like a keyboard expressive dysphasia. then I realised the scrote had unpicked my letter keys and moved them around.

Tonight, I go on the pooter, to find the stuff on my screen upside down - it turns out if you unpick the control key, and fiddle with it - you can do that. After some shouting, all was righted - am not standing on my head to write this after-all.

He is a lovely lad - well behaved, funny, bright, and up for a laugh! How can I get my own back? Summat funny but not humiliating or expensive? smile

TiddlyZomZomZombie Wed 17-Oct-12 01:38:44

grin ha ha hahaaaaa..., sorry <composes self> ahem! He sounds funny

How about sewing all his trouser legs closed at the bottom?
Rearranging his room upside down?
Get everyone else in the family on board and invent some fictional sibling/family event that you all discuss constantly and confuse the hell out of him?
Get his shoes resoled so they leave a message/pic in his footprints?
Cut his hair in his sleep? Paint his fingernails in his sleep?

Sorry, should be asleep so can't think of anything better! Good luck getting your revenge. smile

Shave off ONE eyebrow when he is asleep. (I may have done this...)

or marker pen a mono brow....

remove all his jeans and swap for your skirts:D

Your son sounds fab btw..clever lad!!

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