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How to get them to talk

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LisaC38 Sun 14-Oct-12 01:14:23

How do you get your teen to open up and talk with you? Have suspicions my daughter is active and she is very shut down and seems annoyed when I want to talk about it. Tried cutting down her free time but didnt work, and tried a friendly approach as well same result, any help appreciated thanks in advance

NewNames Sun 14-Oct-12 01:30:58

Active in what?

I have a 15 yo dd, we have a 30 min car journey each am & pm, & I find its a good time to have a chat - if it's about something embarrassing like sexual activity she doesn't have to make eye contact and can say "mum! Ewww!"

But we can continue chatting (or I continue talking & she squirms) - however the info is still listened to & remembered.

If you think your teen is active perhaps go for a walk for the talk(s) you want to have? Side to side chatting is less confrontational than face to face and if they are more comfortable you'll get more info.

Depending on your views perhaps just give her condoms etc and say "I love you and want you to be safe & healthy. Don't care what you do but use these."

The annoyance can sometimes be just embarrassment.

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