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Worried about DD and her not coping with 6th form

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skyblue11 Thu 11-Oct-12 19:41:13

I made an earlier posting about how hard she was finding it, 5 weeks in and she's still struggling. She's going Biology, English, Psychology and Business and Economics. The Biology is difficult, we knew it would be last week she did 3 tests, got U's and 3/4 of the class are called to a meeting with the head of biology and have been told to think about dropping it. DD is interested in psychology at uni (possibly unsure just yet) and really needs biology. She seems to be struggling in a lot of areas though that she is having difficult retaining information and even after going back for help taking sheets when she read over them later she just can't recall properly so now I'm really worried. She got 3 A's and all B's at GCSE so should be OK. She is tearful and I think overwhelmed at the amount of work and she works really slowly. It can take her an hour to write 1 side of A4 paper , she can't get into the self-study bit, she finds it really hard. If she drops business she would like to concentrate on Bio but if she fails at Bio then she would only have 2 A levels. I want her to drop Bio to remove the pressure but she doesn't want to. The teachers are unsympathetic in Bio, I think they want the kids to give up so they get the best students and not have the hassle. I want to speak/go into school but she doesn't want us to. She is going to speak with the 6th form support mentor when she's there next Monday but I'm so concerned right now. She's panicking and worries that she might have to leave altogether if she can't cope and that it's too late in the year to do anything else now. I don't know how to help her short of getting a tutor for biology but we can ill afford £30 per session to be honest. Oh, and I'm stressed to death about both mine and DH jobs's as we both look like being redundant in a few months and I'm scared to death! Sorry for long post.

adogcalledbetty Sun 21-Oct-12 19:41:34

At the end of year 12 my DD messed up her AS levels (the subjects she'd excelled at at GCSE she suddenly couldn't seem to do) and so dropped all her subjects. She thought it was the end of the world.

Then a wonderful teacher suggested she do a Btech in a subject she actually had very little knowledge of. So, somehow, DD did the equivalent of 2 years work in 1 year (all coursework, so just about churning out the assignments) to get the triple award which was the equivalent of 3 A levels.

This enabled her to go to uni, though not the course she'd originally intended to do as that required the dreaded biology A level which she obviously didn't get. She's very happy; everything has turned out just fine. Things have a way of sorting themselves out.

Greypumma Wed 24-Oct-12 22:12:26

Help please! I have an 18 year old intelligent grandson (As and A*s and 2 Bs at GCSE) who dropped out of college before Christmas last year owing to (1) having chosen the wrong subjects and (2) suffering from anxiety. College was supportive and recommended he came back this September after sorting himself out. He returned as suggested but even tho he claims he is perfectly happy with his new subjects, he gets himself to college (eventually and often late) but most frequently does not go into class. College is becoming exasperated and threatening to ask him to leave as his attendance is "in the red". The work he does give in is marked as very good but he keeps saying he wants to leave because he knows he is messing every one around but he just can't face going in. The GP has suggested he is suffering from acute social anxiety and a level of OCD, so we have arranged for him to see a phsycologist but know that it won't a quick turn round and he is running out of time and rope. At his age if he drops out now we have no idea how he will get A levels in the education system. Suggestions and help urgently needed please!

zamantha Sat 27-Oct-12 09:03:41

Far as I can see - the independent study bit for 6th form and the academic jump is a bit of a blow to our DC.

Maths is notoriously hard at the start - my DS is doing A2 and is only 16 and finding it a stretch and some of Further Maths even harder. My DH a Maths teacher says this is normal! it takes time before it sinks in - sadly lots of practise needed which my Ds is struggling with as he has to concentrate so hard at school.

I daren't mention D of E to my DS as he feels a bit overwhelmed with all academic stuff - and may broach it this half term - it means him going with a group who are not his friends.

Want him to have all the credentials for a well regarded uni but know I need to just stay with where he is at and encourage what he can manage. I trust they will get there in the end- even if it takes 3 years not two. wink

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