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Insuring a new driver... worth checking out multi car policies...success!

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I have spent the last few days tediously hunting insurance quotes for DS1 who is 19 and passed his test in July.

Having found him a suitable (not the souped up polo he bought off a mate and we scrapped 2 days later) old basic pug 106, I have 'go compare-d' and 'meer cat-ed' til my eyes went fuzzy. Eventually got the cheapest 3rd party F+T being £1670 being and that's if you pay all at once (monthly took it to nearly 3k!)

Rang them.. turns out they are actually Admiral... and on finding we had 2 other cars, suggested we go on a multi car policy. .. renewing when ours run out (as soon so not worth cancelling) . The quotes for DH and myself were WAY cheaper than we last paid, and for DS1... it has taken it down to £1200!!!! Nearly £500 saved!

Just thought I'd share that as I had no idea that a multi car policy would accept a new driver, and needless to say I'm very happy. Incidentally I got my first credit card to do this.. got one with 0% interest for 16 months so no charges there... and I'll switch again for next year if need be.

Now I have to work out how much DS has to pay me back each month and for his car itself. I am very tempted to add a bit on for all the money he has cost me recently grin

Childrenofthestones Sun 07-Oct-12 12:09:44

After ten years of using one car and having my wife as named other driver her nc's has long gone. WE will shortly be getting a second car for her to use due to changing circumstances and are dreading looking for insurance for her.
has anybody any advice on the best way to go with this?

BackforGood Tue 09-Oct-12 23:47:56

Thanks Medusa - will put this on 'watch' smile

Bromptonaut Fri 12-Oct-12 23:05:25

We found Admiral multi car great for both DD & DS to drive our ageing Citroen Xantia and Berlingo.

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