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fridayfreedom Thu 04-Oct-12 19:54:14

my DD is now at college doing A levels.
She is doing 4 subjects, 3 she has done before plus a new one.
She has so been looking forward to two of the subjects they were her absolute favourite at school and she did very well in them.
One of these favourite she is enjoying greatly and is now her favourite.
The other she is not enjoying as she says it is repeating stuff she has already done but mainly because she has not gelled with the teacher. She adored the teacher at school who gave her lots of feedback and encouragement. This one does not seem to do that despite DD putting loads of effort into her work.
It is not helped by the fact that she liked this subject teacher at another college better ( as did I) but she did not want to go to that college as none of her friends were going there and buses etc would have been very difficult.
I have asked if she wants to swap colleges, she is adamant that she doesn't as she loves the other subjects, teachers and classes.
So I am feeling a bit helpless and very sad that she is losing enjoyment in something she wanted to do and something she may want to use in a career.
Have encouraged her to just concentrate on the work and try and enjoy that but she is worried that she is not doing well as the feedback is minimal. She won't go and ask to speak to her for some feedback or talk to her tutor and I can't do this for her as she is now at college. Parents eve is not until end of Nov.
Sorry to ramble on but am feeling very disappointed for her. sad

SecretSquirrels Fri 05-Oct-12 10:58:00

DS1 just started at a 6th form college and it seems to me like a bridge between school and university in that independent study is expected.
He likes some teachers more than others but as far as I can tell feedback comes in the form of marks achieved in tests or homework.
He has had tests in every subject so far as they are told that must show they can make the grade in the first few weeks.
Has she done any tests or assessments? Is she expecting too much hand holding do you think?

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