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Teenage daughter not eating.

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Finntasticemma Tue 02-Oct-12 08:57:16

I am really desperate for any advice regarding my 15 year old daughter. She has had body image issues for the last two years which have really escalated over the last 8 months with her carving the words fat and ugly into her stomach and thighs and cutting herself. Took her to the doctors and she was referred to a counselling service which, after 4 sessions she was discharged from. They never spoke to her about eating just the cutting. Her BMI was very low and the doctor classed her as underweight but my daughter refuses to go back, threatening serious self harm if I make her go. Cleaning out her room the other day I found multiple empty bottles of so called diet aid tablets. I really don't know what to do anymore. Communication is breaking down and I have to do something before I totally loose her. I am so scared and keep crying and my behaviour is now effecting my 12 year old daughter and my relationship with my husband. Any advice will be most welcome.

plantsitter Tue 02-Oct-12 09:06:12

I'm sorry I'm not an expert in any way but I didn't want this to go unanswered. There seems to be a helpline here.

Good luck (and hugs) to you and your daughter.

plantsitter Tue 02-Oct-12 09:07:23

Also consider putting this in the teenagers section for people who might be more help.

EternalHope Tue 02-Oct-12 09:14:19

Take serious action right now. Go to the GP alone if necessary. Have a look at which contains plenty of advice. If you are in London, demand a referral to the Maudsley. Contact Young Minds for further advice regarding self harm. You have to take charge. Of course you are feeling devastated - it's unbelievably stressful to see someone you love being so self destructive but she NEEDS you now like she never has before. You have to stay strong. I wish you all the best.

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