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shopping for bras - bigger than 'training', poss B cup?

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EcoLady Sun 30-Sep-12 14:32:17

DD is outgrowing her A cup bras: she's pushing them forward. She's still at the very pointy stage so 'normal' bras won't fit her properly yet. Can anyone recommend where to try to get some suitable bras for still developing delicate boobs?

I'm H cup and can't really recall this stage at all when I was younger!

EdBird Sun 30-Sep-12 18:17:54

After about 3 hours at shopping centre, M and S had good range of bras for young girls this sort of size. Rather pale colours but depends what you like obv. Also, matching knickers not always to be found. IMO I think a thin layer of foam/padding on the bra smooths the appearance so that they are not pointy under t-shirts. Also primark had a vast range of colours and styles - and v good prices. She tried on one at Debenhams and said 'it would do' but for £20 per bra, I'd want more than that!

EcoLady Mon 01-Oct-12 00:58:59

Thank you EdBird.

I agree about the foam layer to smooth, as that's what she has now (from Tesco) - she's just started to push that layer forwards though so certainly time for new ones. Will head to M&S & Primark next weekend.

sausagesandwich34 Mon 01-Oct-12 22:57:31

New look have some really nice teen bras and very affordable too

DD has got some white, nude & black ones and some with cupcakes on that I will take no responsibilty for

MrsPresley Mon 01-Oct-12 23:05:48

My DD got 28C bras from M&S.

Just plain white and nude colours (they may have had different ones though) so ideal for under school shirts.

I think they were around 14 GBP for two (or may have been 16)

ripsishere Tue 02-Oct-12 03:28:08

Or John Lewis.

EcoLady Thu 11-Oct-12 23:32:12

Quick update & thanks to all who gave advice. We went to Debenhams as simply the first-store-out-of-car-park. She's a 32B and has a selection of black/white/pink/stripy. £15-16 for two pairs.

Comfy DD and happy Mummy smile

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