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Daughter, 17 is being brainwashed by suspected 'groomer'

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Nichols2828 Thu 27-Sep-12 13:59:40

My partners 17 year old daughter who is a very young 17 has met an extremely unsavoury man through the Internet. We know he has lied about his age (we have found out him to be 25 and not 19) we have discovered through our own investigation that he is advertising himself as a bi sexual transvestite, and think he may be in to drugs and even may have aids (he weighs 5 and a half stone).
Her behaviour has changed, she is now withdrawn and is telling lots of lies.
Although we requested that they stopped seeing each other 2 months ago we now believe that she is skipping college to be with him and have just found an envelope containing £150 in her bedroom (she has no income or savings)
We are really frightened and don't know what to do to try and break them up as we know that unless she stops seeing him she could end up having her life ruined, or worse any advise would be much appreciated

Nichols2828 Thu 04-Oct-12 13:14:16

Hi firstly in answer to yunosaysomethingnice, she's thinking of taking a gap year next year. And rubyroouk thank you both for advise

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