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Teenage Spots - 15 Year Old DD in tears most days - please advise

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peanutbutterandbanana Sat 19-May-12 13:23:38

My beautiful, talented, gorgeous daughter is plagued with continuous breakouts on her forehead. It troubles her greatly and she cries a lot about it. I know that they will go away eventually, but to her they are a massive curse in her life. We have an anti-bacterial facial wash from the doctor, but even that doesn't seem to be working.
What is the next step? Has anyone else's daughter/son been through this? Are there any herbal remedies we can try THAT WORK?
She has tried so many things (including toothpaste on the spots each night) but nothing seems to work.
And if you have gone down the injection route - would you advise it?
I feel so sad for her and I really want to help her. Can you please help me?
Thank you sad

peanutbutterandbanana Sat 02-Jun-12 14:53:08

Hello again. DD now started on the benzoyl cream and spots did calm down on first day but seem to be coming back. Will perverse with this for two weeks and then go to doctor if they are not getting better. But she is studying for some GCSEs now and it is a difficult time to distract her. She seems calmer than two weeks ago and I think she feels good to be doing something about it.

It has been very interesting reading all your comments and seeing some themes coming through. Thank you so much for your input. I hope this thread helps others with the same problem. I'll let you know how it is going smile

thebabywife Sun 03-Jun-12 18:49:28

Don't know if this has been mentioned, but has the doctor suggested the pill to help settle her hormones which could be the problem?

cartey Thu 14-Jun-12 15:56:27

I realise I got to read this thread a bit late, but would like to tell you that I recently bought the Clean Start range by Dermalogica for my DD (nearly 12). She has been using is morning and night every day now for a week and the difference is incredible. I would say 90% of the spots have gone, the blackheads have disappeared too, so she feels very happy about her skin.
Good luck!

naturalbaby Thu 14-Jun-12 16:01:34

I had acne as a teenager and it took years to shift. I tried pretty much everything in the book - it would help clear it a little but nothing was breaking the cycle. Dianette helped a lot but I finally ended up on Roaccutane for my wedding, so must have had almost 10yrs of it by then sad. I needed a 2nd course and eventually it was pregnancy that really cleared it up!

mathanxiety Mon 18-Jun-12 06:00:37

The regimen takes a bit of time to work and it really needs to be followed to the letter. (So wash with recommended wash/soap, dry very gently, wait 15 minutes, apply BP very gently, moisturise very gently with recommended moisturiser, progress from using BP once a day to using twice).

I tried the regimen as I was really bothered by adult acne (it was teenage acne that never went away actually) and it made a huge difference to me.

If your DD sees little or no improvement after about two months of diligently following the method, take her to a dermatologist and don't mess around any longer.

peanutbutterandbanana Wed 11-Jul-12 11:03:26

Hello, am back with an update.... phew, am exhausted with how draining teenage angst is grin.
Followed regimen for a month or so but it made no difference unfortunately.
Took DD to doc who prescribed tetracycline (not sure if this is an antibiotic, but it prevents bacteria utilising protein so they die), but after one dose she came out in rashes all over her body so she is allergic to it! Sigh - back to square one.
Next doctor we saw was fab, very understanding (and not a locum) and she has put her on the pill - dianette - as well as duac, another antibacterial face wash. She's been on this now for five days and nothing looks much different, but I know you have to give it a few weeks. But have suddenly found myself having to talk about safe sex (just in case) and not feeling pressurised by boys etc etc. It wasn't required right now but felt I had to have the talk so she knows this is a serious grown-up drug.
She's exhausted from feeling like her world has caved in and I'm exhausted from being in the firing line.
Will update again if we find this works....
Thank you for all the comments, they really are very helpful

sugarice Wed 11-Jul-12 11:12:59

Bless her. DS1 used DUAC and it worked really well for him, it look about 6 weeks to notice the difference. I was on Dianette for my acne when I was much younger and that was excellent too. Hope she feels better soon and you too of course smile

Maryz Wed 11-Jul-12 14:21:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peanutbutterandbanana Thu 12-Jul-12 23:21:18

Actually after about one week her skin is looking about 5% better, so maybe something is happening. The doc did explain that dianette would 'attack' from within and the duac topically, so it is a dual approach. She is feeling calmer (end of term? controlled hormones? spots being tackled? ) but she is definitely happier at the moment. If only we could have a bit of sunshine for her to get out in! Will update as and when there is a noticeable difference.

Pumpster Thu 12-Jul-12 23:23:39

Has she tried zineryt the anti bac lotion?

Pumpster Thu 12-Jul-12 23:25:42

Sorry read back. X

flowergirl33 Sun 15-Jul-12 23:09:23

Hi, just wanted to share my daughters experience with you..I had acne as a teenager, bad enough to be referred to the hospital, I know how soul destroying it can be. I was mortified when my beautiful daughter also started to suffer with acne. We tried loads of face washes, creams and lotions to no avail, the dr prescribed a long term anti biotic which helped a bit, but last year, on a holiday to cornwall her skin seemed worse than ever, when we got back I took her to the drs and he prescibed the oral contraceptive yasmin. At the same time that she started taking this, I got her some Liz Earle face wash, and I came across a web site called acne and milk, linking the adrenalines in cows milk the the production of the oil that causes acne, my daughter decided to cut out all products that contain milk, and amazingly after about one month her skin improved, now a year later she is off the pill and her skin is clear and matt. When we thought back to our holiday when her skin was red, shiny and angry, we thought of the extra dairy she had had, porrage, cream teas and ice creams. Sorry for the long post, but I cant tell enough people to stop dairy and notice the difference it makes, and that Liz Earle products are brilliant, hope this helps.

flowergirl33 Sun 15-Jul-12 23:16:23

Just wanted to add that she has stuck to the dairy free ridgedly, when shopping just look at the allergy advice, it will say if milk is in it ( much quicker than going through all the ingredients)

rosajam Tue 14-Aug-12 19:10:55

was hoping to find book list here. Not working? Why has skin problems come up after pressing teenage reads confused

MyLittleMiracles Tue 14-Aug-12 19:52:46

I used to be spotty, tried all the clearasil etc, which made it worse not better, in the end i used to use a hot flannel on my wet face to open the pores, then use cleanser, but mixed with water <used to use superdrugs own cleanser lotion> then wash off thoroughly with fresh warm water, followed by ten to 15 splashes with cold water to close the pores, it worked for me, and is cheap and easy. I also find even now soap makes me spotty <i am 24>

Cameron13 Tue 20-May-14 20:33:47

My daughter tried lots of different washes/creams recommended by the doctor before being referred to the dermatologist for a treatment called roaccatain this was excellent & after 3-4 months beautiful clear skin.

maddiebrowns Wed 21-May-14 23:35:43


LegoCaltrops Wed 21-May-14 23:42:13

Zombie thread

somedizzywhore1804 Wed 21-May-14 23:52:46

I had very bad acne all over my face aged 14....Nothing topical ever worked for me- as a teen I was on rooccutane for two years (so until I was 16). I also started taking the pill at 17 and the combination seemed to clear it up for me until I was 23ish when it came back after I came off the pill and got a coil fitted.

When it came back it was mainly on my forehead and I managed to largely sort it by using the ben. Peroxide creams mentioned, plain no-frills soap and (of all things) bepanthen as a moisturiser. This seemed to deal well with the less severe acne I've had in my twenties. I have to be really strict with this regime though- if I even forget for one night I'm back in spot hell.

Another weird thing that's really helped me is Boots own brand foot cream (!!!) It's a green moisturiser for the feet (obviously!) with peppermint, marshmallow and lavender in it. It sounds like skin suicide and might be for someone else but I've read a few things online with people using it on acne and it's really helped my spots. I assume it's the herbs in it. I use this as my "lighter" moisturiser in the day and then use the bepanthen at night to stop the drying effects of the BP creams.

I hope you find a solution for your DD. Spots are so miserable and make you feel so crap.

Mrsjayy Sat 24-May-14 10:36:14

Duac gel changed my dds life honestly poor kid had terrible acne and it can b3 used on back or shoulders she does get some breakouts when she is due her period but thats all

43percentburnt Sun 01-Jun-14 00:21:39

I would try the coconut suggestion and non medication options first. My friend used prescription medication as a teen and believes it damaged her skins pigmentation she wears make up constantly now. I'm sorry but I cannot remember the name of the medication.

I have heard sudacrem helps. ( bizarrely it got rid of my babies cradle cap).

cloudscape Tue 17-Jun-14 21:02:30

Hi, my daughter (13 then, now 14) had the usual teenage spots. We tried over the counter stuff and went to the GP and got antibiotic cream but nothing seemed to make much difference, then, after she'd had a cold, I bought her some vitamins - Vitabiotics WellTeen - her skin improved and when she stopped taking them it broke out again. She went back on them and, after taking them consistently for about 8 weeks her skin is looking lovely. I've also persuaded her to use a moisturiser every day (Amie, specially made for teenage skin) which is a bit counter-intuitive when your skin is greasy, so that may be helping too.
This may all be co-incidence but the vitamins seemed to make a difference and might be worth a try. She usually eats a good diet, very little fried food/ chocolate and lots of fruit and veg so you'd think she'd be getting everything she needs but....

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