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Boys Boys and Boys

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pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 15:02:39

i have caught my 14 year old son wearing thongs do you think this is right?

tillykins Tue 03-Jan-06 15:05:02

are they his own?

I think thongs are just plain wrong on any age or gender, but he is probably wearing them cos his mates are wearing them

How do you mean "caught" - do you not do his washing?

pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 15:19:41

yes they are his own he bought them and isaw the reciept but he washes them descreetly!

tillykins Tue 03-Jan-06 15:21:40

I suspect he is following the herd and thinking he is a grown up now. Washing them discreetly is probably cos he is embarrassed to be wearing mens' underwear rather than boys
Why don't you buy him a pack and a pack of boxers or something, just stocking up, so he doesn't feel he has to hide it from you?!
It'll be condoms and posing pouches next!

NomDePlume Tue 03-Jan-06 15:22:07

hmmmmm, but giving the benefit of the doubt, I'll say....

If he wants to wear them and is comfortable then I don't see what business it is of anyone elses. They're only pants FGS.

madmarchhare Tue 03-Jan-06 15:25:21


pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 15:35:14

I dont mind him wearing them but it does seem he is embarrased or something because he is washing them privately!

tillykins Tue 03-Jan-06 15:38:28

I'm sure he is just embarrassed that you would know he is wearing them
TBH, I don't think it is an issue at all - if you make it one, then he is going to be more embarrassed

pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 15:53:43

what do you think i should say to him?

RTKangaSantaMummy Tue 03-Jan-06 15:56:48

IMHO SAY NOTHING what is the problem with them???

fireflyfairy2 Tue 03-Jan-06 15:59:49

Are they womans or mens thongs? I didn't know mens thongs were available..but you learn something new every day huh?

pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 16:02:29

They are both he has been wearing his sisters

RTKangaSantaMummy Tue 03-Jan-06 16:05:31

IMHO this is a wind up

sorry if I am wrong but it is MHO

fireflyfairy2 Tue 03-Jan-06 16:07:12

It does seem a little strange, but different strokes for different folks...

doesn't he worry that his mates will see him in PE?

starlover Tue 03-Jan-06 16:08:09

strange... if you search archived messages pckawatford's original post was posted on someone else's thread yesterday!

anyway, this has been done before. No idea if you are for real or not... but i think it's up to your son what kind of pants he chooses to wear. If he doesn't have enough thongs and needs to borrow his sisters then buy him some more!

RTKangaSantaMummy Tue 03-Jan-06 16:09:04

here they are and if you click on the photo you can ZOOOOOOOOM in

pckawatford I am sorry but I really do think this is a wind up

What is the problem ???????????????????

fireflyfairy2 Tue 03-Jan-06 16:25:20

Thanx for that... I saved it in my favourites for later

WigWamBam Tue 03-Jan-06 16:29:44

Good heavens, all this fuss about pants. What he wears on his bum is no-one else's concern, and thongs are hardly high on the list of things that cause worries in parents of 14 year olds. If this is going to worry you, heaven help you when he starts doing some of the things that other 14 year old boys do.

Sorry, but I think this is a wind-up too.

pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 16:33:05

but i dont understand why he doesnt ask me to buy him some?

spacedonkey Tue 03-Jan-06 16:34:17

pathetic attempt at a wind up!

starlover Tue 03-Jan-06 16:34:26

maybe he is just embarassed because he thinks you'll think it's weird or something! he's 14...talking to your mum about underwear is pretty embarassing when you're taht age!!!

pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 16:36:49

spacedonkey stop being rude im just a mother worrying about my son!!

WigWamBam Tue 03-Jan-06 16:39:44

If that's all you have to worry about in a 14 year old boy then maybe you should think yourself very lucky.

Pinotmum Tue 03-Jan-06 16:41:36

He probably won't ask you to buy them because he knows you'll discuss with everyone! They are not illegal afaik so leave him to it.

pckawatford Tue 03-Jan-06 16:43:30

but do you think its ok for boys to wear thongs?

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