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Advice please - 16 year old boy wanting to come home on his own late at night

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CAZ46 Sat 22-Oct-11 17:44:04

Help - I have a lovely 16 year old boy who is out and about quite a lot, well most of the time. He has a lovely social life and I am used to being the taxi driver. He is starting to want to make his own way home about 10pm/11pm, for example, tonight he may be going to a party and happy to get the bus home. He is a lovely boy but a bit dippy and forgetful. Do I let him make his own way home for his independence or should I continue to be the taxi driver which I don't mind doing?

PattySimcox Sat 22-Oct-11 20:22:49

I'm assuming he has a phone so would call you if he got into a sticky situation / missed his bus etc?

I guess for me it would depend on the area that he was in / whether he would be travelling alone or with friends / how familiar he was with where he was going etc

I think that if he is usually fairly sensible, you let him try and see... mine all started being a lot more independent at 16 and as long as they didn't mess up I trusted them! We always have a text system so they text/ring when they are leaving and getting on the bus so I have an idea of arrival times!

However I still offer to be taxi quite a lotsmile

cat64 Sat 22-Oct-11 21:16:07

Message withdrawn

CAZ46 Sun 23-Oct-11 09:18:28

Thanks All. My son got the bus home last night and arrived home just after 10pm yay! We live in a nice area so don't have any worries there really - its just me really being a bit over protective. He does have a phone but not very good at letting me know what he's doing!

mumblechum1 Sun 23-Oct-11 13:37:00

Lucky you having buses!

We're 8 miles from where ds goes out at night so either I stay sober to collect him or he pays £15 for a taxi!

I think your son will be fine getting a bus home by himself.

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