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Does anyone know any teen boot behaviour camps in the uk?

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wearymum73 Thu 20-Oct-11 19:49:47

DD has stopped going to school since about June...and will not talk to be about anything..the school has been really good...but she won't go to any counselling sessions organised by them..when she goes in once a fortnight :-(

She was a grade A kids 9 months ago..but she has totally given up.

Things have gotten violent at home, and she has been stealing from me.

She's not stealing to go out and to drink or anything else..she's just lazy, and never goes out.

I was wondering if there is any boot camp arrangement in the UK that you can send them to, so they start to appreciate themselves...and want to do something with there lives.

Not sure if this is the best approach to go..but tried everything else :-(

Any support would be received gratefully..

GypsyMoth Thu 20-Oct-11 19:58:20

You have my sympathy!

If you find one let me know. My dd was very bad late last year/early this year. Violent to siblings, anti social behaviour etc. I didn't hesitate to call police. 3 times she was arrested and spent a night in cells each time

Youth offending team got involved, they were brilliant. Dd also was in awe of the young police ladies who dealt with her and decided no more bad behaviour, she then set her heart on being a police officer. Great, that's my old job. We began fitness training together, running. Then she joined army cadets...... Again, fantastic! She now has decided on army career, she's v focused.

That's our story. She's 15 now. NOT perfect. She also did the school refusal thing. Got the EWO out with herhead of house from school. She hated that. But she knows she needs those gcse's for next year, so she has no choice but to go in.

wearymum73 Thu 20-Oct-11 20:34:43

I have not been wanting to call the police... (I have a cracked rib from a incident 5 weeks ago), as i was worried that if they couldn't do anything she would think that she was untouchable from them too, if they were unable to really deal with the situation.

She is 16 in 3 weeks..has mock exams in 2 weeks...but she will not go to school...she has to re-sit half of her exams..again..she has missed have been brilliant..they have not involved EWO yet..though they should have weeks ago.

The only thing she is interested in is air cadets..the only time she leaves the house is to maybe that is my hope..the air fource....but she will never reach her full potential unless she sees how important GCSE's are :-(

GypsyMoth Thu 20-Oct-11 21:02:27

Take her to RAF careers office? Maybe if she see's she needs her gcse's then she will start working?

Dd hopes to go to army foundation college in sept. I hate to say it, but I am so relieved that she will be moving on. She is a very difficult character. Not sure if army life will agree with her, but we will be finding out!

loopsylou Sun 23-Oct-11 13:05:34

If she's 16 you can threaten to kick her out if she doesn't get a move on and sort her life out.Don't ACTUALLY kick her out but threaten her, and explain why. It'll scare her straight. Worked with me when I was her age and I bucked up my ideas and got 5 A* O levels (or gcse's as they are now called)

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