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Teenagers and fireworks: please tell yours about this

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duffybeatmetoit Mon 17-Oct-11 22:25:34

A couple of months ago some teenagers were trying to make their own fireworks and didn't clear away the mess they created. Unfortunately they chose to do this in a nursery playground and the following day the residues ignited and my 3 yr old DD was seriously burnt.

DD has been left with long term discolouration to her legs, a greatly increased risk of skin cancer and psychological problems in addition to the trauma of the explosion and subsequent harrowing treatment in the regional burns unit.

The teenagers are looking at potential prison sentences and there is the obvious impact on the nursery's business. Everyone involved is going to be facing the consequences of this for the rest of their lives.

The teenagers never thought their actions would have this kind of result and we never expected that we would have to read a report of the incident which stated our DD was screaming "I'm on fire".

Please tell your teenagers about this, it may just stop more people having to go through a similar experience. Thank you.

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