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Teenage boys & painful breasts

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mentalmental Mon 17-Oct-11 13:44:40

My DS13 is very open and honest and last night told me that he has a lump behind his right nipple. He let me feel it and it is a pea-sized hard lump and he says its tender to touch. I'm assuming this is just his hormones kicking in as he as started the eat-everything in sight and growing at an alarming rate etc. Have any other MN had similar experiences or should I take him to GP to get checked?

My son had exactly the same thing at the same age! A lump behind one nipple.. a bit tender and he was worried he might be growing breasts. I did a quick google and reassured him it was hormones and that it would settle.. it did; took a few months but gradually his lump disappeared as puberty progressed.

Oddly enough the other nipple never got any hormonal lumps!
Obviously it it keeps growing or really hurts, go to GP but I'd place a bet on it be hormonal changessmile

SecretSquirrels Mon 17-Oct-11 17:14:57

Yes same here. I actually took DS to the GP who said it was a normal hormonal thing. It didn't last long.

Now that's the sort of useful stuff they could tell boys in sex education.

mumsamilitant Tue 18-Oct-11 13:37:56

Yes, same here too. Doctor's said to keep an eye on it but all very normal.

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