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How much money do you give your teens?

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RavenVonChaos Fri 14-Oct-11 18:53:38

I pay for phone and bus pass plus I give dd (17) £20 per week (as an incentive to work as a volunteer). She is at college and She is trying to get paid work but no luck so far. Just wondered how much other parents give?

I have 4 teens ... one is disabled so can't ever be independent but the others are capable and so expected to pay their own way asap.
I paid their bus pass til they had a p/t job each and I have paid all their phones until this month ! Eldest is at uni so I will continue to pay her phone but DS1 has just got a full time job ..he's 18, so that now stops and housekeeping starts with his first pay packet! They got a tiny amount of pocket money £5 til they were 16 but were then expected to job hunt continually til they found something..which they all did.

I think phone (as long as cheap) and bus pass is reasonable but nothing else as otherwise there is no incentive to find work. Job hunting is miserable but there IS stuff out there.. one of mine does McDonalds when she is home from uni, one Dominos pizza and one is at Fatface..just a few hours a week to fit with school , but it means they have had to develop a good work ethic in order to have spending money...otherwise it's Xmas and birthdays only!

Has your DD gone into all the local shops and asked? Mine trawled all the shops and pubs til they eventually got lucky, and DS1 worked 2 years aged 16 -18 in dominos for crap pay with me doing a 40 mile trip every night to get him there and back... but the experience stood him in good stead when he left school this summer and applied for our local supermarket.. they could see he was willing to stick at it! He also did loads of babysitting jobs.. all good for references (he's not Uni material so I am just pleased he has something permanent now!)

Good luck to your's tough at the moment for suresad

RavenVonChaos Sat 15-Oct-11 11:25:19

Thanks for that. Yes it is hard and I think very competitive where we are. I am keeping fingers crossed!

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