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Any book recommendations to get parents through the teen years?

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silver73 Mon 03-Oct-11 23:47:16

Getting a bit tired of navigating around hormones and excessive moodiness and have seen books mentioned so think I need to invest in a few....

exexpat Mon 03-Oct-11 23:48:51

I have Get out of my life - but first take me and Alex into town. Funny, but quite insightful.

SouthernandCross Mon 03-Oct-11 23:53:38

Why Are They So Weird

SecretSquirrels Tue 04-Oct-11 12:31:19

I second exexpat's recommendation. Some insight into why they behave as they do and practical ideas for dealing with them.
I always think with parenting books, that if you find one really useful idea in there then the book is worthwhile. Also it's worth revisiting the book as your teenager evolves.

< goes to fish book out as it's a couple of years since I read it>

cat64 Tue 04-Oct-11 23:13:44

Message withdrawn

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