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Aaaaargh, what is it about kids and baths???

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notjustme Sun 02-Oct-11 21:03:52

They avoid them like the plague, you spend hours trying to convince them that washing is a basic need in life, and have to cajole them into remembering to have one more than once in a blue moon...

Then they suddenly like baths, sit in them for hours on end splashing around like whales, trashing the bathroom, leaving giants puddles everywhere and empty shampoo bottles littering the edge of the bath...

THEN they reach adulthood and you think they are well versed at this bathing lark till you wake up to the sound of a newly created Angel Falls coming through the hall ceiling, you jump out of bed, run up the stairs dodging the streams of water currently filling the cat food bowls at the bottom, and get to the top to find said DD standing there going 'Yes, I ^am^ aware'. Oh yes? That's why you are standing there staring at the bath slowly draining through the overflow (no, please, don't think to pull out the plug or anything!) whilst there's a tsunami occuring downstairs? I then had to run down stairs and throw towels and saucepans under the torrential downpour whilst she came nonchalantly down the stairs going 'for gods saaaake' at the sheer unreasonable hassle of it all.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I wish we had a shower!

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