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DD in the middle

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mamas12 Wed 21-Sep-11 23:48:08

DD 17 v. sad. She is always the reasonable one in any falling out between her group of friends and as it happens two of her friends have fallen out , she wants to be both their friends.
One of them just can't be in the same place as the other one so has distanced herself from the group and DD.
Poor dd is feeling miserable at having been sideline to the extent of not being invited to her (she thought) her best friends birthday, because she has stayed friends with both girls.
I'm feeling that horrible feeling you get in your chest for her.
I have suggested she tell her friend that she misses her and to arrange a meet up on their own. But really I think I have to tell her that one day she will have to make a decision and perhaps have to take sides don't I?

She says that her friends have to just get on but lovely girl, how am I supposed to tell her that 's not how it goes sometime.

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