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6th months post Glandular fever and still ill..

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I'm really worried about my daughter. She was diagnosed with GF in February (she'd been ill a few weeks by then and had a bad dose of it) took a few weeks off school, then dragged herself back because she was doing AS levels, tho she had to drop one as she was so far behind by then.

She did well in 2 AS's , badly in the 3rd.. teacher has only reluctantly let her continue and is setting a test in two weeks.. if she doesn't get a C she is thrown off the course (so out of the school, unless they let her start another A level and do another year..some kids have done this)

SHe is working as hard as she can on the 'bad' A level..but the stress is awful and the teacher is not supportive.. refused to put her for special consideration last summer as 'she was well enough to get to school' she wants rid of my DD. This isn't an over protective mother talking older DD had the same teacher two years ago and she was utterly vile to most of the students then ,including my DD who went on to get the highest ever marks in her A level.. she is just unsupportive and frankly, a horrible woman.

So.. I have DD trying to keep it all going so she can stay... and at the same time she is so unwell stillsad She fell asleep in the shower last week.. actually sat down in the bath and conked out. She is currently flat out on the sofa as I typesad

I'm really worried about her, worried also what will happen at school.. she doesn't want me to talk to her teacher for fear of making things worsesad just worried...sad

mumeeee Sun 18-Sep-11 21:08:30

Talk to the head of year or to the head teacher. Your daughter should be. given special consideration.

wonkylegs Sun 18-Sep-11 22:11:58

Talk to the school GF at this age is difficult and can really knock you for six for a very long time. I speak from experience, I had it at this age and ended up retaking the final year of a-levels (tbh in the end it wasn't a big deal but I hated the idea to start off with), it made no difference in the end at uni etc
I really struggled to get back into things and was utterly exhausted and off for months - just be sure that there is no other issues it may be worth mentioning it to her gp as continuing tiredness may also be the result of something else and it's worth checking all bases
Having GF can be the precursor for other auto immune problems (personal experience sad) so just keep half an eye on this , and without getting paranoid checkout illness or unusual symptoms carefully
School should be able to help out especially if she's only struggling with one subject - if the teacher is being unhelpful bring in reinforcements with head of year & headteacher but try to remain objective helpful and reasonable (difficult when people are irritatingly unreasonable ) but it makes them look like the unreasonable bad guy and not you so should help your daughter's case
Good luck and I hope she starts to feel back to normal soon

webwiz Mon 19-Sep-11 08:19:08

I agree that you need to get the head of sixth form onside as its difficult enough to deal with GF without people being unsupportive. DD2 had it year 12 from about february as well, she struggled on for months and then was a bit better after having a rest over the summer holidays. She managed to catch up a bit in the autumn and then it flared up really badly during her January exams. Fortunately this time she got over it much more quickly and she hasn't had any problems since. Her school were very helpful though and she was allowed a great deal of flexibility about how much she went into school and teachers would set work for her to do at home if couldn't go in.

I am very angry for you about that stupid teacher - the extra stress of possibly being thrown off the course can't be helping your DD at all. I agree with wonkylegs though that retaking the year may be the best option as her health is the most important thing at the moment.

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