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dd has been expelled from school Y11, anybody with experience of PRU please come and talk to me

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expelledfromschool Thu 08-Sep-11 14:39:16

dd started the new term on tuesday, I received a call that afternoon to tell me that the school were expelling her. I have since found out that it isn't expulsion but a managed move to a PRU for two days and vocational training on the other days.

She has been on a monitoring card last year and we were warned if she failed, this would be the outcome. In the last meeting that I attended first week of June, I was told that she was failing the card. The cards which she brought home didn't reflect this because I was told she had to get over a certain % which she had. I was then told that they were going off emails from her teachers. The inclusion teacher couldn't explain why there was a discrepancy, instead of me just relying on the card that she would email me weekly regarding any behavioural issues. She would be in touch before the end of term to arrange another meeting.

I never received a single email, the card again didn't reflect failing although neither did it reflect excellent behaviour. I wasn't contacted for a meeting so naively thought things were improving. So I am feeling a little shocked to get a call on the first day of term.

The behaviour that has caused this : rude, uncooperative, can't take a telling off has to have the last word, etc etc.

No violence, drugs etc.

I am really worried about the kind of children she will be mixing with, although she obviously has a bad attitude towards authority in school she has never been in trouble with police or anybody outside of school.

The other problem is that the school she attends is out of the borough although it is only a mile away. Due to this the PRU she is to attend is in the same borough but a lot further about fifteen miles, three buses and in a VERY rough area (think shameless). The local PRU is only two miles away.

She is really devastated and came home on the first day full of the joys, determined to change until I burst her bubble. I have told her the choices she has made have led her to this, and she needs to take responsibility for her own actions. Her sidekick at school tends to load the bullets and then stand back whilst dd fires the gun so I am relieved that they will now be separated.

Please share your experiences with me if any of your dc's have attended a PRU, positive or negative.

Please don't flame me, I know my dd has been disrupting other dc's education, I know I have obviously failed as a parent so if you want to tell me what I already know don't bother.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 08-Sep-11 15:16:11

I have no experience and no intention of flaming you OP, but have you contacted the school and asked about the discrepancy and the lack of contact/e-mails from them?

expelledfromschool Thu 08-Sep-11 15:21:40

I have, but the problem is initially when she was first put on the card it was one teacher who told me what the % was, he went off sick, so then it was another teacher, who told me that she would email. Now it is another teacher who apologised for the lack of emails and the fact that they already knew they were expelling her last term but waited until the first day of term (new uniform bought and worn)

Basically got to suck it up.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 08-Sep-11 15:32:07

That just sounds so wrong, them knowing but not informing you. It might be worth trying to find out if they can do this. There must be a procedure they have to follow, and I doubt if they have.

You might be better posting this in Education, people there will be better-informed on this sort of thing than I am.

slug Thu 08-Sep-11 16:22:09

This is not the end of the world.

I used to teach in FE. I have a lot of respect for the PRUs that I dealt with. I can honestly say that the students I taught who had been in a PRU were, without exception, lovely, mature and a pleasure to have in my class.

Sometimes removing a child from an environment that is not working for them can give them the space and time to make positive changes.

ohanotherone Thu 08-Sep-11 16:28:42

Ring your local council and ask if she can go to the PRU there, then I would ask them if you can change schools because I think if she's got a reputation then sometimes that goes first and a fresh start may be needed.

eatyourveg Thu 08-Sep-11 16:40:16

I agree with slug. I work in FE too and have had several kids through on the alternative curriculum (the 14-16 yr olds) following vocational courses.

Although it may be difficult to see at the moment - if she wants to make it work, this could be the making of her

expelledfromschool Thu 08-Sep-11 16:46:16

Thanks slug, initially it was a shock. I now feel that its maybe the best thing for her. The teachers who she has when in isolation all get on really well with her and have no issues with her or her with them.

I am hoping the small class size and the management skills of the teachers in PRU can support her and help her gain some more GCSE's. She has already done some GCSE's and passed with C's.

It has gone too far with some of the teachers and the relationship has totally broke down. She is still attending school until she starts at PRU which I think will be next week. She has come home today, and this is what has happened. In one of her option classes she has said
dd "there is no point in doing this work"
Teacher " why"
dd "this is most prob my last class, i have been kicked out of school"
T "so you are refusing to do your work"
dd "No"
Teacher then turned to TA and said "Yippee, Yippee (complete with arm gestures) she has been kicked out go and get SLT"
SLT come
Teacher "She is refusing to do her work"
dd " I am not" calm voice
TA "whatever"
dd " I am not" angry voice

She is removed from the classroom. Later on in the day she is asked by another member of staff what had happened. The member of staff had been told that she had shouted " Fuck off I am not doing any fucking work"

I believe my dd, she has nothing to gain or lose by lying, the above conversation was repeated to me after I asked had she had a good day.

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