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Vinniesbisqwits Tue 16-Aug-11 12:21:19

my daughter hasnt grown since january shes had periods for a year so is that it ? as tall as she will get, shes happy enough with it but I would have liked het to be a bit taller than that

mumeeee Wed 17-Aug-11 00:00:34

How old is she and what's her height.

My DD2 stopped growing at 12.. almost the day she started her periods..and is smallish at 5 ft 2 (however her boobs have just continued and she now is Dolly Parton proportions sad)

DD1 however didn't start her periods until she was nearly 15 and is 5 ft 8! I'm not sure the periods were the deciding factor but it definitely seemed to correlate.

Dd1 is 16 and 5'8. She started her periods at around 11. Dd2 started a bit later at about 12 and a half but is only 5'3 at 14 - not sure if she's stopped or not though and her boobs also seem to be still growing, unlike dd1's!

Salmotrutta Thu 18-Aug-11 00:30:15

Girls can keep growing up to around 16. So she could still have a bit to go. If she's happy with her present height though then that's fair enough.

Theas18 Thu 18-Aug-11 11:46:05

DD2 has had an odd (non serious_ hormonal thing going on so I have the answer to this one LOL.

Girls growth speed peaks before they start their periods and they may grow a little for 2yrs after they start but that's it then. THe ones who keep growing to 16 have a later puberty.

Medusa DD2 started her periods at 11 and a few months last summer. She has stopped growing I'm sure but optimistically lines her self up with her big sis still (sis is only 5'2, DD2 is just 5 foot I reckon but I daren't measure her). DD2 is also Dolly Parton esque. I'm just glad the bravissimo ladies are so lovely to her.

circular Fri 19-Aug-11 07:34:52

Watching this thread with interest.
DD1, 14 was tiny (4'10"" max) when starting secondary school at just turned 11. Had a 4" growth spurt in yr8 and started her periods around same time, age 12.5

In the last 18 months, she has grown another inch max, but also increased 5 or 6 bra cup sizes. And appears to be still growing in that region, although still only a 32" back size.

So it looks like 5'3 could be it. Not the end of the world, but I know she would like to be a couple of inches taller.

bigscarymum Mon 22-Aug-11 11:03:45

DD had fairly early puberty (started periods at 11). Was one of tallest when she had her growth spurt in year 6/7 and then stopped at 5'3" at the end of year 7. Has saved me a fortune in secondary school uniform smile!

mumslife Wed 24-Aug-11 12:19:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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