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What makes a good daughter?

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Ratata Fri 12-Aug-11 23:52:47

I thought about posting this in 'Parenting' but that seemed to be more for people with young children. I am 27, no kids yet (will be TTC in Dec) and I have a question. What do you think makes a good daughter? My parents are fantastic and have always been supportive and given me so much. They put me through uni, are always on the end of the phone, helped me get a deposit for my flat and paid for a good chunk of my wedding which will be in Nov. I'm in awe of how much they have done for me in my life. I haven't always been the best daughter, had my selfish moments, I live 130 miles from them too. I visit every few months and talk to my mum everyday on the phone.

My question to the mums (and dads) of older kids is, what makes a good daughter? What can I do and keep doing to be a good daughter for my parents? I have anxiety issues and do put pressure on myself, I try to strive to be good and helpful when I can. I just wonder if I do enough. I don't want to look back when they are gone and think I wasn't good enough. I've done a Parent's Journal for them as a present to give them on day of my wedding. It contains memories, photos and thanks them for doing what they have done for me. A few years ago I wrote them each a letter to say thank you for what they have done and apologised for being a pain in the ass at times.

Kids aren't always perfect but what are the things they do, big and small, that you love the most? Let me know if there is a more appropriate section I can put this in smile

mumeeee Sat 13-Aug-11 09:49:13

I have 3 DDs aged 24, 21 and 19. The 24 year old is married , 21 year old at uni and the 19 year old is still at home (she has mild learning difficulties) Anyway to get back to your question. My older 2 keep in touch with us and are very appreciative of what we have done for them. The oldest had just been to Thailand with her DH and had just texted me to say that they've landed safely at Heathrow, DD 2 (21) has been texting me and phoning me thus week to let me know she is safe She lives in Kingston. She came on holiday with us to Canada a few weeks ago and sent us a thank you card to say thanks for taking her. She is very appreciative of us paying her rent at uni and says she'll pay it back when she can. We don't expect her to. We are glad that our daughters are appreciative and thoughtful. You sound as if you are a great Daughter,

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