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Birth control

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Lilka Wed 03-Aug-11 15:00:19

DD2 is 15. She is very emotionally and socially delayed, but has now become interested in boys, and wants a boyfriend. Trouble is, being vulnerable and easily persuadable, I could see her agreeing to have sex with someone without understanding any of the implications, or worse, being coerced into it. So I really want her to be on some kind of birth control, since there is no way she would ever cope with a pregnancy

With DD1, we just had one discussion, she wanted the pill, and got it, all fine. But I don't think the pill will work for DD2. It will inevitable get lost or destroyed, and on a bad day she'd just refuse to take it

Does anyone have a DD using an implant or some other longer term method? Or does anyone have any experience with this, and can advise me how it works? Thanks!

Theas18 Wed 03-Aug-11 16:04:29

Implant would be ideal BUT the bigger question us how to keep her safe from what may well amount to abuse- dare I say she might have o little insight that she may have sex with anyone who us a bit nice to her??

Other alternative especially if she finds periods difficult would be the injection - more likely to stop periods completely.

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