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Clearing up the mess DD17

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Foyled Wed 03-Aug-11 12:54:21

I am finding it increasingly impossible to get my DD17 to clear up to sort out her stuff, we have moved to a smaller house recently and it has made the problem worse.

In the end we threatened to dump everything she had left on a table (after her exams so it had been there months) in bin bags in her room if she didn't move it by a certain time. Anyway shortly before time up after a stern reminder she cleared it, but now I discover she has put most of the stuff in a bin bag anyway!

My main concern is that she never knows where anything is because of the chaos.

I know some of you will say she should learn by her mistakes, but she doesn't...

I think she would like everything to be organised to complete precision and as she can't attain that, she just gives up.

Sound familiar and any suggestions?

ragged Wed 03-Aug-11 12:57:22

Less stuff might be the solution. Any chance of her culling some of it?
DD is pretty messy, too, she discovered a pair of shorts this morning that went missing about 6 weeks ago; I scoured everywhere to no avail & suddenly she found them today (sigh).

GypsyMoth Wed 03-Aug-11 12:58:35

My dd is same age.......I 'found' some mouse droppings (little carved bits of woodchip from the garden)

Sorted it!

Ticandtac Wed 03-Aug-11 13:28:41

ILoveTIFFANY good but don't think it would work somehow, I would be rumbled or she would freak out completely and refuse to go in there.

Ragged less stuff is definitely the solution but she won't sort it out!

adamschic Wed 03-Aug-11 13:32:39

I feel your pain. DD took over our lounge when she was revising for exams. Even though I bought a desk for her room. I asked her time and time again to move her stuff to her room which fell on deaf ears. I kept piling her books up and moving them out of sight until there were 4 high piles cluttering up my space.

I waited until the exams finished an chucked them all into the middle of her room.

She is also 17 and can never find importants bits of paper.

GypsyMoth Wed 03-Aug-11 13:34:32

Ticandtac......are you op? Confused me there!

Ticandtac Wed 03-Aug-11 13:42:27

Oh yes name changed...

generalhaig Wed 03-Aug-11 15:16:32

would an incentive of getting her room redecorated work? ds(14) wants his room redone in a more 'grown-up' style but never tidies it

I've told him that he can have his room redecorated/new bed etc if and only if he can show me that he can keep his current room tidy and clean between now and Christmas (it would be joint Christmas/birthday present - Jan birthday)

There are books in a pile in the middle of the floor which have been there since the end of his end-of-year exams so I think my money's safe grin, but it might work for your dd as she's just that bit older (and more sensible??)

Ticandtac Wed 03-Aug-11 15:36:55

Unfortunately generalhaig she would be just like your son, don't think it would even appeal as an incentive. sad Thanks for the empathy adamschic smile

TangerineQueen Tue 09-Aug-11 17:04:27

While I was a teenager away for a few days my mum literally put the entire contents of my room into bin bags so I was forced to sort through it or risk losing things. I was kind of annoyed but in some ways it did make the task easier and show me Mum meant business.

I am now a reasonably houseproud adult.

Love the mouse dropping suggestion though!

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