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what to do in the holidays with early teens...........

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ilovearnold Thu 21-Jul-11 16:52:09

above says it all - one dd and one ds - dont like the same things so need ideas that both will enjoy............................

Butterflybows Thu 21-Jul-11 17:57:25

Count down the days until September grin

saladfingers Thu 21-Jul-11 18:05:16

grin @ butterflybows
watching with interest.

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 21-Jul-11 18:12:16

What I have planned for my 15 and 13 yo:

Farm them out to stay with grandparents - both sides, on separate occasions.

Take them on family holiday - hill-walking. Give them walkie talkies and let them walk out of sight!

Never wake them up in the mornings so if they want to lie in bed all morning, so be it. 15 yo will welcome this, 13 yo is up at the crack of dawn every day.

Umm.. well, that's the plan so far. I might adopt Butterflybows' suggestion for the rest of it. smile

SecretSquirrels Thu 21-Jul-11 19:39:10

15 and 13 here as well.
I used to love school holidays when they were younger. Trips to the park or beach , swimming, bike rides etc.
Sadly they no longer want to do any of those things nor do they really want me to do anything with them. They will claim they are happy doing nothing or want to make their own arrangements but will end up doing very little.
I will tip them out of bed in the mornings because if I don't they will become nocturnal and muck up family meal times.
What we have actually got planned is
1 week beach holiday
DS1 has a 3 day summer school
1 weekend away
They both want to go Go Karting which will probably only happen once as it's quite expensive.
I will probably take them paintballing once as well.

CroissantNeuf Thu 21-Jul-11 19:44:27

Mine aren't quite that old yet but judging by my 15yo god-daughter it seems that at that age they just need parents to drop them off places with their mates and pick them up again later.

Oh, and I think you are also expected to provide ££££.


circular Fri 22-Jul-11 09:04:37

DD1 13, end of yr9. Busy year, so first week chilling, killing little sister.
Then a family w/e away.
Second week outings with friends, depending what she bothers to arrange herself. She also wants to catch up on some Music theory work.
Weeks 3 and 4 she will probalbly do a drama workshop thingy.
Weeks 5 and 6 - family holiday.

DD2 8 does not want anything planned, refused every activity group she has been offered. DH is at home with, so will do a few days out. Finding this a more difficult age than the teen at the moment.

AtYourCervix Fri 22-Jul-11 09:09:07

watching with baited breath.......

was considering suggesting they do a sort of apprentice type business. thought i'd give them each £20 and see how much they have in september. although DD2 would spend it on chocolate and DD1 would hoard it under her mattress.

GypsyMoth Fri 22-Jul-11 09:10:18

2 new things we have discovered during the hols which are cool with kids!

both require going out and about,one requires a gps device and the other requires a camera (we dont do the illegal bit where trespass is sometimes required,just focus on the history and photography)

great for dads to get involved too!!

pointydog Fri 22-Jul-11 09:26:37

Pretend you're childless again grin

Mine make their own arrangements, meet friends, plan trips, have the odd lazy pyjama day, make their own lunch. I go out and do my own things. Occasionally, if no one has any plans, we do something together - go for a walk, go shopping, bake, do a bit of crafting.

At that age, I think the task of decising what to do should be hnded over to them.

bruffin Fri 22-Jul-11 11:18:46

15 and 13 here as well

13yr old is doing a week or 2 volunteering at a play scheme. I am taking her to the theatre to see Legally Blonde in kids week.

15 yr old is doing his own "thing" plans to go to London with friends, knowing him he will arrange picnics and river jumping. He is waiting to see if there is any work for him at DH's company so he can earn some money.

We both have the last two weeks off,so will be off visiting DM and MIL or may book a few days away.

SecretSquirrels Fri 22-Jul-11 15:20:27

grin the apprentice thing. I predict my two DSs would do exactly the same as regards chocolate and hoarding.
DS1 has been "saving up" since he was 7.
DS2 finds money burns a hole in his pocket.

dexter73 Fri 22-Jul-11 16:07:28

I'm with pointydog!

cat64 Sat 23-Jul-11 00:18:14

Message withdrawn

WillIEverBeASizeTen Sat 23-Jul-11 08:32:08

Great thread..very informative grin I'm a LP working full time, so apart from my 2 weeks, I have to rely on DS to 'get on with it'.

Is this bad? I know where he is and who he is with (he's very good at keeping in touch) and try to have some kind of structure with him, but teens are very much doing one thing one minute then it's 'all change', however, he is a sensible kid and has good mates. He has flatly refused any kind of 'summer activity camp'.

Deaddei Sat 23-Jul-11 13:23:56

I have dd 14 and ds 12.
Dd loves structure...she likes planning out her week with friends. Has singing lessons and a a workshop planned, meeting up with friends...all very chilled. I am giving her £90 for the summer (this includes allowance) to fund her going out expenses.
Ds has broken his collarbone which is a nightmare as he is active. However, he has managed to play table tennis and do the score at cricket.
I believe they should organise themselves as it's my holiday too!

theredhen Mon 25-Jul-11 13:59:26

DS aged 13 is coming away with me for a few days to see family.

We're going to a chocolate museum / factory grin

He's also going to PGL for a week.

I usually have a couple of days off work each week to just be around and can still persuade him to do things with me such as bike rides or going to the cinema.

I miss going to the zoo and beach with him though and persuading him to plan anything with his friends is hard work.

Maryz Mon 25-Jul-11 18:06:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scartette Mon 25-Jul-11 19:28:43

I'm with you Mary - I used to think the holidays in UK were very long when we lived there up until 2006, but since we moved back to Ireland they seem never-ending. God, 12 weeks is ridiculous! Also my dd is same - 14 and no interest in hooking up with friends etc. Happy to just chill. Btw, where on earth are you that the holidays are 13 1/2 weeks? I didnt think it was possible that any school here had more than 12 weeks!

triplets Tue 02-Aug-11 00:39:05

Interesting thread! I have 13 yr old triplets, 2 boys and a girl. 2 boys get on quite well but their sister can`t stand them! They finished school on the 20th and have driven me insane, so y/day I booked a house in Norfolk, boys enjoy fishing so its on the river, row boats and canoes etc. W-FI for Rebecca so she can skype her friends! If we stay here I end up with at least 5 teens a day here as all their friends seem to like being here, God knows why as we are ancient parents!! Its hard to find something to suit everybody isn`t it? CP is great but soooo expensive in school hols, if anyone has any ideas I`d love them please!

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