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Help Teenager addicted to computer games!

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angelinawatchout Mon 11-Jul-11 22:05:53

Fairly new to Mumsnet so don't know abbreviations so please bear with me!
My ds age 13 is completely addicted to computer/PS3 games. He is not and has never been a very confident child and although has tried most sports (football, golf, basketball, cricket), cubs, guitar lessons has not stuck at anything.

We are at the end of our tether now as it seems that he does not want to leave the village except to go to school (which he doesn't enjoy) He used to go to the local skatepark and shopping with friends but this has now stopped and friends now stop asking him. He does have several friends who come to call and who play with him inside. He does sometimes go out on his BMX/skateboard but recently has taken to coming back in within about 15 minutes saying others are picking on him. He has had trouble in the past with name calling, teasing etc which he finds hard to handle (school have tried to help him with this) We are beginning to question though whether the bullying stories are true or that he is making it up simply to come in to go back on the computer.

We do restrict the time he spends on the computer but it is always a battle to get him to come off. We have tried to encourage him to do after school clubs but he refuses point blank and won't even contemplate trying anything different. We are so FRUSTRATED!

My dh is trying to get him involved with things he is interested in but this involves motorbikes which fills me with dread. DH did make him go to play pool with him yesterday and they enjoyed spending the time together and ds came back a different child.

I am afraid we do not know what to do anymore - do we just leave him to it and hope that as he matures he will try new things or do we push now to get him interested in stuff. Just want him to be a happy, confident kid but he's not at the moment. Any advice/similar stories would be appreciated.

pestroid Tue 12-Jul-11 00:26:47

I would encourage the pool playing, and also if you have a local skate park, see if they do any after school classes or summer schools.
I work days and dh works nights so he is the kids primary carer when the come home from school to when I get in from work. DD had a computer game habit for a while. I went into her room after she went to school and took the the main lead to work for a week, it peed her off but it broke her habit. (I did tell her that I would do it, if she didn't cut down the amount of time she spent on her pc)

angelinawatchout Tue 12-Jul-11 16:11:16

Thanks for that I will see if skatepark do any holiday clubs but getting him to go will be diffricult because he will refuse point blank. My dh suggested taking the lead away and we have taken the fuse out of the ps3 before but I always cave in to him - must be stronger!!

AMumInScotland Tue 12-Jul-11 16:21:47

If he has several friends who come round, I wouldn't worry too much - it does sound like he still has some social life. But I'd also encourage the pool - maybe it could be a weekly arrangement? I think its good for fathers and sons to have an interest in common, as men will often chat over something like that when they wouldn't normally talk about feelings.

angelinawatchout Tue 12-Jul-11 22:52:28

Thanks AMumInScotland. He's a different kid today seems happier. I think I have calmed down a bit since yesterday and had a good think about it all. Yes he is still sociable and he has friends ringing and coming round. Had a chat with a fellow mum which helped. Have already said to dh that he needs to do the pool thing more often which he agrees and says they both really enjoyed. Little steps need to be taken so that he doesn't realise he is being pushed into doing things! Hormones I think are playing a big part - bloody testosterone!!!!

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